What is enucleation of pleomorphic adenoma?

What is enucleation of pleomorphic adenoma?

During a simple enucleation, dissection occurs immediately next to the capsule or pseudocapsule of a pleomorphic adenoma and results in violation of the pseudopodia of the pleomorphic adenoma with resultant tumour left behind.

What happens when parotid gland is removed?

Permanent damage is possible but usually occurs in only the most difficult cases. Depending on the branch of the nerve that is damaged you may experience: • Weakness of the lower lip, leading to a slightly crooked smile. Weakness of the eyelids, making it difficult to keep the eye closed.

What is tumor enucleation?

(ee-NOO-klee-AY-shun) In medicine, the removal of an organ or tumor in such a way that it comes out clean and whole, like a nut from its shell.

How painful is a parotidectomy?

Patients report moderate facial and neck pain for several days following parotidectomy. This is usually well controlled with prescription strength oral pain medications (Vicodin®, Percocet®, Ultracet®). Please take the pain medication prescribed by your surgeon when needed.

How painful is parotid surgery?

You may have some discomfort around your incision and neck. Usually, this is due to muscle soreness. We’ve given you a pain medicine to be used as directed. Take a pain pill before going to sleep the evening of surgery (preferably after you have kept something in your stomach).

Is a parotidectomy painful?

All operations involve some pain and discomfort. Our goal is to minimize this discomfort. Although you should be able to eat and drink normally, the main complaint is pain with swallowing. Most patients take Tylenol® to keep them comfortable at home, although patients are given Vicodin.

What is parotid tumor?

Parotid tumors are the most common type of salivary gland tumors, accounting for 80 to 85 percent of all salivary gland tumors.

How do you get rid of parotid cancer?

Surgery. Operations used to remove parotid tumors include: Removing part of the parotid gland. For most parotid tumors, surgeons may cut away the tumor and some of the healthy parotid gland tissue around it (superficial parotidectomy). Removing all of the parotid gland.

What is a parotid gland removal?

The parotid glands are one set of three pairs of major salivary glands. Each set of glands has its own tube (duct) leading from the gland to the mouth. In most cases, surgery to remove all or a part of the parotid gland (parotidectomy) is the preferred treatment for parotid tumors.

What are the tests for parotid gland cancer?

Your doctor may recommend imaging tests of your parotid gland to help understand the size of your tumor. If your parotid tumor is cancerous, you may need tests to look for signs that the cancer has spread. Tests may include ultrasound, MRI and CT. Parotid tumor treatment usually involves surgery to remove the tumor.