What is SEC Rule 14a-8?

What is SEC Rule 14a-8?

In Rule 14a-8, the Commission has provided a means by which shareholders can present proposals for the shareholders’ consideration in the company’s proxy statement. This process has become a cornerstone of shareholder engagement on important matters. Rule 14a-8 sets forth several bases for exclusion of such proposals.

What is Rule 14a?

Rule 14a-16 — Internet availability of proxy materials. Rule 14a-17 — Electronic shareholder forums. Rule 14a-18 — Disclosure regarding nominating shareholders and nominees submitted for inclusion in a registrant’s proxy materials pursuant to applicable state or foreign law, or a registrant’s governing documents.

What is 14a SEC?

SEC Form DEF 14A, also known as a “definitive proxy statement,” is a required filing when a shareholder vote is required. The Form DEF 14A outlines the list of items up for vote by shareholders, such as the hiring of new directors or other business decisions.

What is included in a proxy statement?

Proxy statements must disclose the company’s voting procedure, nominated candidates for its board of directors, and compensation of directors and executives. The proxy statement must disclose executives’ and directors’ compensation, including salaries, bonuses, equity awards, and any deferred compensation.

What is a 14a 8 proposal?

Rule 14a-8(e)(2) requires that proposals for a regularly scheduled annual meeting be received at the company’s principal executive offices by a date not less than 120 calendar days before the date of the company’s proxy statement released to shareholders in connection with the previous year’s annual meeting.

What are SEC proxy rules?

The proxy rules require the company to provide certain disclosures in a proxy statement to its shareholders, together with a proxy card in a specified format, when soliciting authority to vote the shareholders’ shares.

What is Rule 14b 1c?

Under Rule 14b-1(c) of the Securities Exchange Act, Score Priority Corp. is required to disclose to an issuer the name, address, and securities position of our customers who are beneficial owners of that issuer’s securities unless the customer objects.

What is Form PRE 14A?

The preliminary proxy statement, also known as the PRE 14A, is a form required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) when there is a request of shareholder votes on items unrelated to an acquisition or a contested matter.

What is proxy statement purpose?

A document sent to shareholders letting them know when and where a shareholders’ meeting is taking place and detailing the matters to be voted upon at the meeting. You can attend the meeting and vote in person or cast a proxy vote.