What is the alveolar part of the mandible?

What is the alveolar part of the mandible?

Alveolar bone is that part of the maxilla and mandible which supports the teeth by forming the “other” attachment for fibres of the periodontal ligament (Fig. 1.148). It consists of two plates of cortical bone separated by spongy bone (Fig.

What is the alveolar process of the mandible?

The alveolar process, alveolar ridge, or alveolar bone, is the thickened ridge of bone that contains the tooth sockets on the jaw bones (in humans, the maxilla and the mandible). The structures are covered by gums as part of the oral cavity.

What is crest of alveolar ridge?

The alveolar crest is the most coronal portion, or the top, of the alveolar process. It is an extension of both the mandible and maxilla and holds the tooth sockets. The alveolar crest is often the first portion of the alveolar process that is damaged by periodontal disease and is therefore the first bone that is lost.

What is alveolar ridge of mandible?

The alveolar ridge is an extension of the maxilla (the upper part of the jaw) and the mandible (the lower part of the jaw) and is a bony ridge that holds the sockets of the teeth. The alveolar ridge is a critical anatomical structure for healthy teeth and successful dental implants.

What is the alveolar process function?

The alveolar process is the thick ridge of bone in the jaw that holds the dental alveoli, or tooth sockets. The dental alveoli hold the roots of the teeth in place, and in case of a dental implant, the alveolar process holds implant hardware in place.

What is the alveolar process made of?

The alveolar process is the lining of the tooth socket and also known as the alveolus. While the alveolar process is made from compact bone, it can also be called the cribriform plate because it contains holes where Volkmann canals pass from the alveolar bone into the PDL.

Why is it called the alveolar ridge?

It is so-named because the small jaw ridges are actually the edges of the cavity sockets, or alveoli, that house the roots of teeth.

What is the main function of the alveoli?

The alveoli are where the lungs and the blood exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide during the process of breathing in and breathing out. Oxygen breathed in from the air passes through the alveoli and into the blood and travels to the tissues throughout the body.

How is alveolar bone formed?

The alveolar bone begins to first form by an intramembranous ossification with in the ectomesenchyme surrounding the developing tooth. This first formed bone is called as woven bone is less organized and is replaced with more organized lamellar one. When a deciduous tooth is shed, its alveolar bone is resorbed.

How does the alveolar process develop?