How do you fold a Medline rollator?

How do you fold a Medline rollator?

Folding it, is by pulling the strap inside the storage basket. Make sure it is folded all the way, by pushing the legs together, so they lock! To close, when facing the Rollator, there is a red knob on the right side, above the storage bag.

How do you fold a dolomite walker?

1. Hold one push handle, and, with the other hand; push the folding handle A down, until the walking aid is fully unfolded with all four wheels steady on the ground. 2. Press the seat or handles firmly downwards until a clicking sound is heard.

What is the strap for on a rollator?

The Closure Strap helps to ensure that the 100 Series Rollators remain closed when they have been folded over. Whether this is used during storage or when the rollator is in transportation, it will neatly secure the rollator in its folded position.

How do you lock the brakes on a Medline rollator?

To lock the brakes, push down on the brake handles until you feel or hear the brakes click into the locked position (Figure 18). If the brakes have been adjusted but the rear wheels on the rollator move while the brakes are in the locked position, DO NOT use the rollator.

How do rollator brakes work?

How Do Rollator Brakes Work? The hand brakes on a rollator are located just below the handlebars and are often larger than the bicycle ones. The rationale behind it is that your hands are already on the handlebars. And you can pull the brake levers in an easy-to-squeeze motion in a fraction of seconds.

How much does a drive rollator weigh?

Weighs: 13 lbs. Weight capacity: 300 lbs….Drive Aluminum Rollator.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 24.5″W x 27.5″D x 32-37″H
Weight Capacity 201-300 lbs
Weight Capacity Range 300 lbs.
Item Weight 11-20 lbs
Height Max. 37″