How much is the Centurion fi25?

How much is the Centurion fi25?

$135,000.00. Featured Options on this boat: Gel coat scheme- Slice.

How much is a centurion fi23?

$120,000.00. Featured Options on this boat: Gel coat scheme-slice.

What is the biggest Centurion boat?

With the introduction of its newest flagship model, the Ri265, that trend continues in epic fashion. At 26 feet, 6 inches, it’s not only Centurion’s biggest boat ever, but it’s also one of the biggest V-drive tow boats on the market.

Are Glastron Boats still made?

It was sold to Genmar Holdings in the 1990s and manufacturing was moved to Minnesota. Glastron is known for its boat hull design innovations, including the Aqualift and “SSV” hull designs, the latter of which is still in use today.

What engine is in the Centurion Fi23?

The new Opti-V Hull on the Fi23 is the ultimate in efficiency which means the ultimate in power. Go with the standard PCM L96 engine with loads of power even at high elevations or opt for the upgraded motor and prepare to be thrown back in your seat.

What is the best Centurion boat?

The Centurion Ri237 continues to be the best solution for wake and surf boating. This combined surfing and wakeboarding phenomena is created by the Opti-V Hull, 5100 pounds of ballast, 6 specifically placed ballast locations and 90-second filling RAMFILL ballast.

What boat makes the biggest surf wake?

The revolutionary surf machine is an electric powered watercraft boasting the largest wave ever created.

Who makes ATX Surfboats?

Tige Boats
Tige Boats announced Aug. 1 that it launched the ATX brand, showcasing a new model online. “We have created the new ATX Surf Boats brand and product line with sole focus on the needs and demands of our targeted consumer,” said Charlie Pigeon, CEO and founder of ATX Surf Boats and Tige Boats, in a statement.

What wake boat has the biggest wake?