How far do confetti cannons shoot?

How far do confetti cannons shoot?

Small cannons that measure around 29cm long can fire up to 8 metres, medium cannons measuring 50cm long will fire up to 10 metres, while large cannons measuring around 80cm, can shoot confetti up to 12 metres.

Can I use a confetti cannon in public?

Can I use confetti cannons indoors and outside? Yes, however you should not use metallic confetti outside. When using indoors make sure you have sufficient room away from people and objects.

Can you refill confetti cannons?

Our confetti cannon refill kits allows you to use your reloadable cannon over and over again. Each kit contains everything you need for a single shot of confetti – cap, sponge lifting plug, 16g CO2 cylinder and confetti.

Are confetti cannons messy?

Are confetti cannons messy? Indoors, confetti is easily cleaned up with a vacuum cleaner. Sweeping can be difficult as it can lie flat on the floor. Outdoors, you can use a leaf blower to collect up most of the confetti.

Do you have to clean up confetti?

Once the confetti is in a pile on the floor, use your hands to clean up as much as possible. If you try to vacuum it up right away, large quantities may clog the vacuum. Once you’ve got the majority of the confetti scooped up and thrown away, you can then use a vacuum to remove the rest.

How many confetti cannons do I need?

For the first dance, two small confetti cannons crossed over the dance floor will cover the happy couple perfectly. If you would like to cover the whole dance floor, use medium cannons. And to fill the room, providing you have a high ceiling, use two large cannons.

Is there gunpowder in confetti cannons?

Do these confetti cannons use gunpowder or pyrotechnics to reach their desired effect? No, there are no pyrotechnics or gunpowder involved. Our products are user friendly.

Can you fly with gender reveal cannons?

Due to the increase in pressure while flying, we do not recommend flying with the gender reveal cannons.

How long do confetti cannons last?

How long does the confetti effect last from disposable confetti cannons? A. The confetti shoots out and spreads out while it floats and falls. This effect can last about 20-25 seconds.