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What is UT OnRamps?

What is UT OnRamps?

ABOUT US. OnRamps is a signature initiative of The University of Texas at Austin established in 2011, with support from the Texas Legislature, to provide advanced academic opportunities to high school students and robust professional development to teachers across the state.

How do I enroll in OnRamps?

If you’re a new OnRamps student, click Create my Profile. If you’re a returning student, click View/Update My Profile. Complete the profile information and click Submit. Next, click Register for a Course.

What are some of the benefits of OnRamps?

How can OnRamps help? Develop independent learning skills, understand college-level expectations and increase chances of success in college, while decreasing time to completion. Build all students’ confidence with accelerated education that lets students earn college credits in a low-cost, low-risk environment.

What is OnRamps chemistry?

The Principles of Chemistry I course addresses the nature of matter, energy, chemical reactions, and chemical thermodynamics. Students will learn about descriptive chemistry of matter in the natural world, as well as compositional and reaction stoichiometry of chemical compounds.

How hard is OnRamps?

Although our OnRamps class is innocuously titled “Physics,” it is definitely not a beginner’s class, the level of difficulty is high and is exacerbated by the fast pace, lack of teacher-student interaction and insistence on “teach yourself” curriculum.

What is the difference between AP and OnRamps?

AP courses count as a 6.0 DC courses count as a 5.0 for an A, 4.5 for a B and 4.0 for a C. U. UT On Ramps courses count as a 5.0, the same as a Pre AP Course. College credit is granted when students pass the AP exam.

Does UT Austin accept OnRamps?

Since OnRamps college credit is provisioned through UT Austin’s University Extension, UT Austin policies that apply to University Extension courses apply to OnRamps courses. OnRamps course grades are factored into a student’s cumulative GPA at UT Austin. For more information, visit the UT Undergraduate Catalog.

Does OnRamps offer students a trip to UT Austin?

OnRamps offers semester- and year-long college-credit bearing courses, designed by The University of Texas at Austin faculty, to give students a chance to experience college before college and prepare them for the academic and social expectations of higher education.

Is OnRamps hard?

How do I accept credit on OnRamps?

You accept or decline your credit in the OnRamps Portal. When your credit decision period is open, you will see an Accept/Decline Credit button next to the enrollment on the Current Enrollments webpage. Click this button to make your credit decision.

What is the difference between OnRamps and AP?

AP classes prepare students to take College Board AP tests that may make them eligible to receive college credit. OnRamps is a dual enrollment led by the University of Texas at Austin. The program is dedicated to preparing high school students for postsecondary student success.

Is OnRamps US history hard?

On Ramps U.S. History isn’t a difficult course…in fact many students find that they really enjoy the subject. The most difficult aspect of the course is the time commitment and it begins with this summer assignment!