Where is the MAMP document root folder?

Where is the MAMP document root folder?

This directory is called the document root. The default document root in MAMP is: “/Applications/MAMP/htdocs”.

How do I access phpMyAdmin in MAMP?

In MAMP, you need to open phpMyAdmin to create a MySQL database. If you have installed MAMP with the default ports, open the Welcome page in your browser (http://localhost:8888/MAMP/), then click the phpMyAdmin link at the top of the screen. The main phpMyAdmin screen will appear.

How do I change the root file in MAMP?

MAMP on Windows (method 1)

  1. Open MAMP.
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Apache.
  4. Click on ‘Select’
  5. Select where your new document root should be located.
  6. Click on the ‘OK’ button.
  7. Click on the ‘OK’ button.
  8. MAMP automatically stops and starts the Apache and MySQL servers.

How do I open MAMP files?

By default, the MAMP document root is located at Applications/MAMP/htdocs on macOS, or C:MAMPhtdocs on Windows. If you know where your new document root folder is, you can open your MAMP configuration file by navigating to Applications (or C:) > MAMP > conf > apache > httpd.

Why phpMyAdmin is not working in MAMP?

If your phpMyAdmin is not working, try the following: Stop your servers and quit MAMP PRO. In the Finder, change to the directory “/Library/Application Support/appsolute/MAMP PRO”. Rename the directory “phpMyAdmin” to “phpMyAdmin_bak”.

How do I access MySQL in MAMP?

First, you’ve to start MAMP or MAMP PRO, and you open your terminal and type:

  1. /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql -uroot -p. Enter the password, by default the password, is root :
  2. Welcome to the MySQL monitor.
  3. alias mysql=/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql.
  4. source ~/.zshrc.
  5. source ~/.bashrc.
  6. mysql -uroot -proot.

Where do I put PHP files in lamp?

Linux users: LAMP To run scripts they must be in the folder /var/www/ If you have a script called greetings1. php you will have to browse to http://localhost/greetings1.php to view it.

Where do I put PHP file in lamp?

How do I run a PHP service?

You can use the PHP native server using php -S 127.0. 0.1: or run it as a script….

  1. Use nohup as Henrik suggested.
  2. Use screen and run your PHP program as a regular process inside that. This gives you more control than using nohup .
  3. Write your own daemonise wrapper like Emil suggested but it’s overkill IMO.