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How fast does a Honda Rancher 350 go?

How fast does a Honda Rancher 350 go?

What is the top speed for a Honda Rancher 350? Rancher 350s run up to 45mph on a level road. However, some users were able to bring it up to 53mph (but according to them, it took forever to get there). If you want to reach optimal speed, their advice is to check if the air filter is clean.

Do they still make Honda Rancher 350?

The 350cc model was a reliable one and production continued until 2006. 2004 took a new turn as Honda included the 400 Rancher with additional power and advanced styling in an automatic version. However, in 2007, the 350 and 400 were replaced with the 420cc version that has stayed in production ever since.

What is a 2007 Honda Rancher 350 worth?


Suggested List Price Average Retail
Base Price $5,299 $2,870
Options (Add)
Total Price $5,299 $2,870

Is the Honda Rancher fuel injected?

Thanks to Honda Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)—featuring a 34mm throttle body, 12-hole injector, and an oxygen sensor that allows the fuel mapping to instantaneously adjust to any riding condition—the Rancher not only ensures trouble-free operation in the cold and at varying altitudes, it reduces emissions and …

Is 2007 Honda Rancher fuel injected?

2007 Honda FourTrax Rancher feature. The all-new 420cc fuel-injected Rancher 2WD models—available with manual shifting or Honda’s exclusive Electric Shift Program—are here and ready to take the legendary Rancher to a new level of performance. New, larger 420cc liquid-cooled engine for increased power.

How much HP does a Honda Rancher 420 have?

26.6 HP

Model Honda Rancher 4×4 Honda Rancher 4×4 EPS
Horsepower 26.6 HP 26.6 HP
Top Speed 55 MPH 55 MPH
Bore x Stroke 86.5mm x 71.5mm 86.5mm x 71.5mm
Compression Ratio 9.9:1 9.9:1