What is a fact about Tomochichi?

What is a fact about Tomochichi?

Tomochichi (to-mo-chi-chi’) (c. 1644 – October 5, 1739) was the head chief of a Yamacraw town on the site of present-day Savannah, Georgia in the 18th century. He gave his land to James Oglethorpe to build the city of Savannah. He remains a prominent historical figure of early Georgia history.

What language does Tomochichi speak?

Tomochichi did not speak English, but James Oglethorpe had Mary Musgrove with him. Mary’s mother was a member of the Creek tribe and her father was English, because of this Mary was able to translate.

How tall is Tomochichi?

Almost six feet tall, Tomochichi impressed Oglethorpe with his intelligence, wisdom, and eloquence.

What is Tomochichi’s full name?

Quick Facts
Full Name Tomochichi
Nationality Native American, Creek Tribe
Occupation(s) peacemaker, teacher
Major Achievement(s) Yamacraw Tribe chief

What was chief Tomochichi known for?

Tomochichi was the head chief of the Yamacraw Indians beginning in 1728. He is most notable in Georgia’s history for helping the English establish a settlement in Savannah, and for his contributions to the success of Georgia’s colony.

What kind of Indian was Tomochichi?

From the Foltz Photography Studio Photographs, MS 1360. Tomochichi was the mico, or chief, of the Yamacraw Indians. The Yamacraw were a small band of Lower Creek Indians that lived in coastal Georgia when Oglethorpe arrived with the colonists.

What did the English want from Tomochichi?

Throughout the colony’s early years, Tomochichi and Oglethorpe often worked together and asked advice of one another. It was the goal of both men to maintain peace between the British colonists and the surrounding Native American tribes.

When was Tomochichi death?

October 5, 1739Tomochichi / Date of death

On October 5, 1739, Tomochichi died after suffering from a serious illness. Oglethorpe learned of Tomochichi’s death when he returned from his diplomatic trip to the Lower Creek town of Coweta. Oglethorpe held a military funeral to honor Tomochichi because of the chief’s help in establishing the Colony of Georgia.

What did Tomochichi do?

Tomochichi helped the colonists lay out roads, including the first one from Savannah to Darien (or New Inverness) to the south. He also aided Oglethorpe as a mediator between the Yamacraw and surrounding tribes and the British colonists.

Where was Tomochichi buried?

On Oglethorpe’s orders, Tomochichi was buried in Wright Square (formerly Percival Square) in Savannah, and his grave was marked with a pyramid of stones. Today, a monument to William Washington Gordon stands in the center of Wright Square.

Where was Tomochichi born?

GeorgiaTomochichi / Place of birth
While little is known of his early life, scholars believe Tomochichi was born ca. 1644. It is also believed that he was a Creek with ties to the Creek Confederacy and to the Yamasee tribes in the geographic region that today makes up the state of Georgia.

What were the 3 reasons for settling Georgia?

Georgia was founded for three primary reasons: philanthropy, economics, and defense. Of the three, the only true success the colony had under the Trustees was Georgia’s defense of South Carolina against Spanish invasion.