Who is our house written about?

Who is our house written about?

Graham Nash wrote this sentimental tune about the house he shared with Joni Mitchell in LA’s Laurel Canyon from 1968-1970. It’s not often you hear a young rock star celebrating domestic bliss, but Nash was very happy living with Mitchell, who often served as his muse.

Is our house a theme song?

“Our House” is a song by British ska and pop band Madness. It was released as the lead single from their fourth studio album, The Rise & Fall, on 12 November 1982….Our House (Madness song)

“Our House”
Length 3:23 3:05 (radio edit)
Label Stiff (UK) Geffen (US)
Songwriter(s) Chris Foreman Cathal Smyth
Producer(s) Clive Langer Alan Winstanley

What commercial uses the song our house?

The song used in the Threshold for Target commercial is ‘Our House’. It is a cover of the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young version.

Who wrote the song our house and who was it about?

Graham NashOur House / LyricistGraham William Nash OBE is a British-American singer-songwriter and musician. Nash is known for his light tenor voice and for his songwriting contributions as a member of the English pop/rock group the Hollies and the folk-rock supergroups Crosby, Stills & Nash and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. Wikipedia

Is our house based on a true story?

Is ITV’s Our House based on a true story? Our House is not a true story, it is based on Louise Candlish’s novel of the same name. The novel, which was originally published in 2018, became a Sunday Times bestseller and also won the Book of the Year in the Crime and Thriller category at the British Book Awards in 2019.

What is the story behind the song our house?

The song originated from a domestic event that took place while Graham Nash was living with Joni Mitchell (and her two cats) in her house in Laurel Canyon (Los Angeles), after they had gone out for breakfast and had bought an inexpensive vase on Ventura Boulevard. Nash wrote the song in an hour, on Mitchell’s piano.

What happened at the end of our house?

Fi finally discovers the truth behind the house sale in the final episode, whilst Bram is forced to come to terms with his actions. She will learn that it was in fact her husband Bram who sold the house behind her back and even worse, her new boyfriend has been blackmailing the pair since the beginning.

Is Our House based on a book?

Our House is based on the best-selling 2018 novel of the same name, and the TV adaptation will premiere on Monday, March 9 at 9pm on ITV. The critically acclaimed story became a Sunday Times bestseller and also won Book of the Year – Crime and Thriller, at the British Book Awards in 2019.