Does ballet West have a dress code?

Does ballet West have a dress code?

The Academy’s dress code is designed to encourage unity and discipline among its students. As a professional ballet school, the Academy and its teachers are aided by the dress code in their dedication to the development and training of dancers.

What is the dress code for the ballet?

Wear: business casual dress That might be a simple dress, a pair of khakis or dress pants with a dress shirt, or even walking shorts and a polo shirt or blouse in summer. Some audience members will dress up a little more, wearing suits and cocktail dresses, so you can take the dressier route if you wish.

What do you wear to a Nutcracker matinee?


  • Textures: Faux Fur, Cashmere, Denim, Velvet.
  • Holiday Sweater + Black Skirt + Heels.
  • Contrasting Coat + Black Dress + Ankle Boots.
  • Statement Coat + Black.
  • Wool Coat + Skinny Jeans + Flats + Statement Necklace.
  • Bodysuit + Paperbag Pants + Patent Pumps.

Do you dress up for a matinee?

Are you seeing a matinee or evening show? It’s customary to dress up a bit more for an evening show, as you’ll find yourself attending with more adults. People dress up for matinees, as well, but there are more families and children around, so it feels less fancy.

Is there a dress code for the Nutcracker?

There is no dress code. But most people dress to a minimum of business casual.

How early should you arrive for a ballet?

It is a great idea to arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to ballet class to warm up before the teacher calls you to the barre. Plan to come even earlier if you are not already dressed for class. A warm-up for ballet typically consists of movements that increase the heart rate and blood-flow, and static stretching.

How long is Ballet West Nutcracker?

2 hours
RUN TIME: 2 hours including one 20 minute intermission SINGLE TICKETS ON SALE NOW!

What do ballet dancers wear under their tights?

The dance belt is an essential piece of a male dancer’s apparel and is the first garment he will put on before class, rehearsal, or a performance. The dance belt is worn under tights or pants in place of underwear, and its sole purpose is to lift and support the male anatomy.

What do you wear over ballet clothes?

The Wrap Top Ballet dancers wear ballet sweaters, a simple wrap style that rests just above the hips keeping the dancer’s back and arms warm. A cropped wrap top is just that and makes for a superb transitional piece of clothing. Wear it with a contrasting color camisole or in a complementary color palette.

What do you wear to Swan Lake ballet?

Wear flats. You’ll also want to don your best Degas-esque ballerina dress. Something with a little flow will make for a beautiful twirl. Then add a jacket because those theaters are always chilly.

What should I wear to the Phantom of the Opera?

Dressy. The best clothing to wear to a production of Phantom of the Opera is something dressy that matches the ambiance of the production. For women this means an elegant black dress for women and a nice dark suit for men.