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What is demographic profile of Pakistan?

What is demographic profile of Pakistan?

Demographics of Pakistan
0–14 years 35.7% (male 36,000,000 / female 36,000,000)
15–64 years 60.2% (male 61,120,000 / female 57,000,000)
65 and over 4.1% (male 3,890,840 / female 4,325,538) (Jan. 2017)
Sex ratio

What are the demographic trends in Pakistan?

The population of Pakistan has increased fivefold since 1947, reaching 180 million today. Growth is expect- ed to continue for several more decades, with the total possibly nearly doubling over the next century. This projection implies that the population will have multiplied more than tenfold between 1900 and 2100.

What was the estimated population of Pakistan in 2009?

168,180,000 people
Pakistan ended 2009 with a population of 168,180,000 people, which represents an increasea of 3,520,000 people compared to 2008.

What is the majority race in Pakistan?

Punjabis are an Indo-Aryan ethno-linguistic group and they are the largest ethnic group in Pakistan by population, numbering approximately 110 million people and thus consisting of 50.0% of Pakistan’s total population of 220 million in 2020.

What are demographic changes in Pakistan?

Pakistan has experienced slowdown in population growth over the last four decades declining from 3.32 percent in 1980s to 1.8 percent in 2015. Age composition shows that 41 percent population is under 15 years and 3.2 percent population is above 65 years.

Is Pakistan overpopulated?

However, Pakistan is among the most overpopulated countries in the world, and it remains the fifth most populous country in the world. The population of Pakistan is 224,770,387 according to the census of May 2021.

What was Pakistan population in 1947?

According to 1951 census, the Dominion of Pakistan (both West and East Pakistan) had a population of 75.7 million, in which West Pakistan had a population of 33.7 million and East Pakistan (today Bangladesh) had a population of 42 million.

How diverse is Pakistan?

Pakistan is a country of over 165 million people with diverse social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural circumstances.

What race are Punjabis?

Indo-Aryan peoples
Punjab Background. The Punjabis are an ethnic group of Indo-Aryan peoples, originating from the Punjab region, found in Pakistan and northern India. Punjab literally means the land of five waters (Persian: panj (“five”) ab (“waters”)).

What is Pakistan’s average age?

The median age in Pakistan is 22.8 years.