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How much do you get paid for Herbalife distributor?

How much do you get paid for Herbalife distributor?

The Herbalife Independent Distributor compensation plan, which we refer to as Herbalife Marketing Plan, pays out up to 73% of product revenues to Distributors! The more volume you and your downline sell, the more opportunities you may have to increase your earning potential.

Can you change distributors in Herbalife?

Conversion to Distributor If, in the future, you decide to pursue the Herbalife business opportunity and wish to sell the products and sponsor others, you may convert back to Distributor status at any time at no cost.

How much is a distributor discount at Herbalife?

Simplified Distributor Discount Scale As a Supervisor you are entitled to a 50% discount on every order. Must requalify annually.

Is Herbalife the number 1 nutrition company?

Herbalife Nutrition Ranked World’s #1 Brand in Weight Management and Wellbeing by Euromonitor International Ltd. Every year the company receives numerous product awards for its high-quality, science-backed products, from media, government agencies and consumer research companies.

Does selling Herbalife really work?

According to Herbalife, of those who received earnings from Herbalife, approximately: 50% made less than US$370 a year. 10% made just US$6,965 a year. And only the top 1% made more than US$108,802.

Can you join Herbalife without a sponsor?

You must be sponsored by an existing distributor and purchase an Herbalife Nutrition International Business Pack (IBP). You’ll need to fill out and submit an Herbalife Nutrition Distributorship Application and Agreement and have the application accepted by Herbalife Nutrition.

What are royalties in Herbalife?

ROYALTIES – RECRUITING REWARD Additional royalties (1-5%) are earned on the volume purchased by anyone in a distributor’s first three levels, which is to say, up to the recruits of the recruits’ recruits.

Does Herbalife products cause kidney damage?

The bottom line. For most healthy adults, using Herbalife products is unlikely to cause kidney damage. However, people with impaired kidney function or chronic kidney disease may need to limit their intake and consult their healthcare provider or dietitian before adding any Herbalife supplements to their routine.