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Is West Village owned by UC Davis?

Is West Village owned by UC Davis?

The Green at West Village is owned by a national nonprofit organization, Collegiate Housing Foundation, with a ground lease from UC Davis. The facility is managed by Michaels Student Living Management, with UC Davis Student Housing and Dining Services providing marketing, leasing and on-site student support services.

Who can live at the Green at West Village?

Current residents who committed to housing by the deadline may apply for housing at The Green. Students who missed the commitment deadline are still able to apply with a $500 reservation fee payment on a first-come, first-eligible basis. Complete instructions are outlined below.

Who can live at the Green UC Davis?

Returning (continuing) students are eligible to live in the following locations: Residence halls (students must be under 24 years old and have lived in the residence halls the prior year; subject to space availability) On-Campus Apartments (including The Green at West Village)

Where do UC Davis professors live?

The only other housing specifically designed for faculty and staff is Aggie Village, off First Street next to downtown Davis. Today, about 200 people are on the waiting list for Aggie Village, where only about one residence turns over, on average, every one to two years.

How much is housing at UC Davis?

Undergraduate 2022-23 estimated cost of attendance

Student Expense Budgets Living on-campus (residence hall) Living Off-campus
Room & board $17,880 $12,068
Personal expenses $1,410 $1,463
Transportation $615 $1,020
Health Insurance $2,841 $2,841

Does the green at UC Davis have a gym?

Full kitchen and common space. Fitness Center. Recreational area with games and equipment.

Are meal plans included in room and board UC Davis?

A Residential Meal Plan is included in every residence hall contract; Residential Meal Plans are optional and may be added to transfer apartments contracts.

Is UC Davis housing first come first serve?

Transfer students may contact Student Housing to request to be placed on the transfer application waitlist. Transfer students are offered contracts based upon available space according to a first-come, first-served basis, until all spaces are filled.

Where should I live near UC Davis?

Here are several communities and cities in and near Sacramento to find housing:

  • East Sacramento.
  • Land Park and South Land Park.
  • Midtown Sacramento.
  • Oak Park.
  • Natomas.
  • Carmichael.
  • Citrus Heights.
  • Davis.

How much are UC Davis Apartments?

Undergraduate 2022-23 estimated cost of attendance

Student Expense Budgets Living on-campus (residence hall) Living on-campus (apartments)
Tuition & fees $13,104 $13,104
Campus-based fees $2,170 $2,170
Books & supplies $1,221 $1,221
Room & board $17,880 $15,892

How do you pay for housing at UC Davis?

Payments can be made online at, in person at the Cashier’s Office (1200 Dutton Hall) or mailed to Cashier’s Office, P.O. Box 989062, West Sacramento CA 95798-9062.

Can you have pets at the Green UC Davis?

Student Housing and Dining Services does not allow pets in University housing; however, UC Davis will consider requests from residents with disabilities for reasonable accommodation. The University is committed to allowing residents access to an emotional support animal in cases of a disability-related need.