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Who has the most diamond RIAA certifications?

Who has the most diamond RIAA certifications?

Most Diamond

Artist #
Garth Brooks 9
The Beatles 6
Led Zeppelin 5
Eminem 3

What is RIAA Diamond award?

The RIAA bestows a diamond award upon those songs that have moved at least 10 million equivalent units, combining actual sales and equivalent units comprised of streams.

What are Diamond Awards?

The Diamond Awards honor outstanding alumni and friends who have made significant contributions to the field of engineering. The 2022 Honorees have been announced for the following categories: Distinguished Achievement in Industry (alumni only)

What is RIAA Diamond status?


Certification Minimum Units Date Established
Gold® 500,000 1958
Platinum® 1,000,000 1976
multi-Platinum® 2,000,000 (in increments of 1,000,000 thereafter) 1984
Diamond® 10,000,000 and counting 1999

How many Sells is a diamond record?

10,000,000 copies
Diamond awards, honoring those artists whose sales of singles or albums reached 10,000,000 copies, were introduced in 1999.

Who has gotten the Diamond Award?

List of artists with the most Diamond awards !

  • Led Zeppelin. Diamond awards: 6.
  • Eminem. Diamond awards: 5.
  • Eagles. Diamond awards: 4.
  • Shania Twain. Diamond awards: 3.
  • Michael Jackson. Diamond awards: 3.
  • Katy Perry. Diamond awards: 3.
  • Elton John. Diamond Awards: 3.
  • Adele. Diamond awards: 3. ✪ “21” (Album) – 14 million sold.

Is Diamond the highest music award?

The Chopard Diamond award, or simply the Diamond award, is a special award of merit given by the World Music Awards to recording artists who have sold over 100 million albums throughout their career….

Chopard Diamond Award
First awarded 2002

Has anyone got a diamond album?

So far, only seven hip hop records have reached the Diamond status that signifies 10 million certified album units sold in the US. Such artists as Jay Z, Kanye West, Drake, and Dr. Dre, while having many other accolades imaginable, are yet to reach this milestone in their careers.

Who has a Chopard diamond Award?

The first Chopard Diamond award was issued in 2002 to British singer-songwriter Rod Stewart. He is known to have sold over 100 million records throughout his career. American entertainer Mariah Carey was honored the following year….

Chopard Diamond Award
First awarded 2002
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