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How much do house sitters charge NZ?

How much do house sitters charge NZ?

Most house sits cost between $16 – $25 per day depending on your pets and the duration of the sit….House Sitting Rates.

Base rate (add on pets): $13 per day (with no pets)
Fish: $5 flat rate (total of $5, no matter how many fish you have)

Is house sitting a good way to travel?

House sitting is 100% better than any day job! – House sitting is just one “part of” a pretty perfect travel or location independent lifestyle. – Things will occasionally go wrong, and we need to be adaptable, flexible and always have a backup plan.

Do you pay trusted house sitters?

Sitters registered with TrustedHousesitters sit for free because they love animals and the unique travel experiences that house and pet sitting offers. In exchange for lovingly and respectfully caring for your pets and home, your sitter gets to experience life in your location.

What do you do when you house sit?

Here are 10 things you should do when you are house sitting.

  1. Know the house rules.
  2. WI-FI password to stay connected .
  3. Be organised.
  4. Emergency contact.
  5. Lock every door and window whilst you are absent from the property.
  6. Stock up food you have eaten.
  7. Daily Check list.
  8. Don’t be a stranger to the neighbours.

How much do dog walkers charge NZ?

Some dog walkers advertise rates of $20 or more per 30 minute walk! If you’re between 10 – 15 years old, we recommend you start at around $7 – $9. By slashing the price that people would normally pay, you’ve got a great chance of getting jobs. You can always put your rate up later on once you’re more experienced.

What is the point of house sitting?

House sitters give your home the appearance of being lived in and ensure that the property is occupied especially during times of the day when crime might be high. A sitter in your house are responsible for checking your home for break-ins, roof leaks, plumbing, and other issues which may arise while you are away.

Where is the house in house sitter?

“Housesitter:” The Little House Newton Davis Built Nestled by a pretty pond in Concord, Mass., it’s both snug (1,800 square feet) and architecturally prestigious.

Is trusted house sitters any good?

Trusted House Sitters is an excellent choice if you want to get into house sitting, especially if you are a pet parent or an animal lover. Overall, they rank #1 in safety, and we love the 24/7 support and professional veterinary advice.

How do I prepare my house to house sit?

How to prepare for the arrival of your sitter

  1. Provide Clear Directions.
  2. Make Sure The House Is Comfortable.
  3. Add Some Personal Touches.
  4. Be Ready For Their Arrival.
  5. Use The Welcome Guide.
  6. Introduce Your Sitter To Your Pets.
  7. Run Through Routines.

What do you leave for house sitting?

A Home-Owner’s Checklist

  • Leave A Document With Helpful Information For Your HouseSitter.
  • Prepare Your Home.
  • Arrange For Your Vehicle To Be Taken Care Of.
  • Notify Others Of Your Absence.
  • Make A Home Inventory List.
  • Make A Few Sets Of Spare Keys.
  • Look Into Parking Details.
  • Take Care of Your Home Utility Payments.