What is a Mule transformer?

What is a Mule transformer?

Overview. A Transformer prepares a message to be processed through a Mule flow by enhancing or altering the message header or message payload.

What is the difference between Mule and Mule ESB?

Mule Enterprise There are two editions of Mule: Community and Enterprise. Enterprise is the enterprise-class version of the ESB, with additional features and capabilities that are ideal for production deployments of Mule that have requirements for performance, HA, resiliency, or technical support.

What is Mule ESB Dzone?

Mule Enterprise service bus is a lightweight Java-based Enterprise Service Bus and integration platform that allows developers and integrators to connect applications together quickly and easily, enabling them to exchange data. There are two editions of Mule ESB, Community and Enterprise.

What are all the prerequisites to start the Mule ESB?


  • Anypoint Platform Account.
  • Java JDK.
  • Apache Maven.
  • Anypoint studio (Eclipse-based IDE)
  • Notepadd++ (optional)
  • Rest Client – postman, ARC, etc.

What are Mule applications?

Mule apps are configured to run in Mule Runtime. A request to a Mule app triggers Mule to encode the request and data in a Mule Event, and to pass it to either single or multiple threads. The main building blocks of Mule apps are components. Components execute business logic on the messages that flow through your apps.

What are the main features of Mule ESB?

Features & Capabilities of Mule ESB

  • It has simple drag-and-drop graphical design.
  • Mule ESB is capable of visual data mapping and transformation.
  • User can get the facility of 100s of pre-built certified connectors.
  • Centralized monitoring and administration.
  • It provides robust enterprise security enforcement capabilities.

What is XA transaction in Mule?

Extended Architecture Transactions (or XA Transactions) can be used to group a series of operations from multiple transactional resources, such as VM, JMS or Database, into a single reliable global transaction.