Which plant has scented leaves?

Which plant has scented leaves?

Rosemary. Like lavender, rosemary (Rosmarinus angustifolia) has narrow, evergreen leaves that are highly scented. The blue flowers are a magnet for bees. Add some stems to cut flower arrangements, use in cooking, or dry for later use.

What is the most scented plant?

15 Fragrant Plants That Will Make Your Garden Smell Amazing

  • Hyacinth. Caroline Gauvin.
  • Magnolia. Marianne Purdie.
  • Gardenia. © Santiago Urquijo.
  • Wisteria. Natalia Ganelin.
  • Freesia. Manfred Gottschalk.
  • Sweet Alyssum. Courtesy of Proven Winners.
  • Honeysuckle. Courtesy of Proven Winners.
  • Rose.

What plant has the strongest fragrance?

Night Blooming Jasmine The plant surely has the most powerful fragrance and what makes it different from the other ones is its nature to bloom in the night, wafting the intoxicating aroma in the air.

What plant has leaves that smell like lemon?

Lemon verbena (Aloysia triphylla; the synonym citriodora is still sometimes incorrectly used for this species) is a tender deciduous woody shrub native to South and Central America (Zones 8-10) with a strong lemon scent to the foliage, which is retained even when dried.

What shrubs are scented?

Top 10 Fragrant Shrubs to Make Your Garden Smell Amazing

  • Bloomerang® Lilac (Syringa)
  • Ruby Anniversary Abelia (Abelia chinensis)
  • Vanilla Spice and Sugartina Crystalina Summersweet (Clethra alnifolia)
  • Little Henry Sweetspire (Itea virginica)
  • ‘Scentsation’ Honeysuckle (Lonicera periclymenum)

What is a tall garden plant with scented clusters?

Garden Phlox One of summer’s most showy flowers, phlox bears big clusters of candy-colored blooms on tall stems from mid- to late summer. These blooms bear a sweet fragrance that’s most apparent on warm, sunny days. This perennial border staple is also very attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies.

Which shrub is famous for fragrance?

Which flower has best fragrance?

10 of the best fragrant flowers

  • Rose. This heady, timeless, classic scent is evocative of traditional English country gardens.
  • Lily. The lily really knows how to make a statement in the home.
  • Freesia. Few fragrances shout ‘spring’ quite like the fresh scent of freesia.
  • Gardenia.
  • Lavender.
  • Hyacinth.
  • Tuberose.
  • Lilac.

Which flower is most fragrant?

Jasmines: The most fragrant flowers that you can grow in your home garden are Jasmines. There are so many extremely popular species of Jasmines like Jai, Juhi, Bela, Mogara, Chameli etc. Most of them are perennial climbers & can be grown in big sized pots.

What plant has leaves that smell like mint?

Anise hyssop (botanical name Agastache foeniculum) is a mint-like herb with leaves that taste of aniseed and smell like liquorice. Bees and butterflies particularly love the plant, and it also attracts other insects.

What plant looks like mint but smells like lemon?

lemon balm
The green leaves of lemon balm have the scent of lemon with a hint of mint, with leaves that look like oversized mint — no surprise, since lemon balm is part of the mint family.