What does M&O mean?

What does M&O mean?


Acronym Definition
M&O management and operating
M&O Management & Operations
M&O Maintenance and Operation
M&O Management & Organization

What are M&O costs?

A district’s property tax rate consists of a maintenance and operations (M&O) tax rate and, if applicable, an interest and sinking (I&S) tax rate. The M&O tax rate provides funds for maintenance and operations. The I&S tax rate provides funds for payments on the debt that finances a district’s facilities.

What is M&O in construction?

Management and Operating (M&O) Contractor/M&O Support During Construction.

What is M&O in accounting?

Maintenance and Operations (M&O) definition.

What does I&S mean?


Acronym Definition
I&S Integration and Support (US DoD)
I&S Interoperability & Standards
I&S Interchangeability & Substitutability
I&S Interchangeable & Substitution

What is I&S?

Acronym. Definition. I&S. Individuals and Societies (course; various locations)