Who is the strongest Dark Ultraman?

Who is the strongest Dark Ultraman?

Reiga is stated by Televi-Kun magazine to be “the strongest Ultraman in history”.

Who is the most powerful Ultraman?

Ultraman King (ウルトラマンキング Urutoraman Kingu) is one of the oldest and most powerful Ultras in the history of the Ultraman Series, having been alive for quite some time before the construction of the Plasma Spark that turned the Residents of the Land of Light into Ultras.

Who is the most famous Ultraman?

#8 Ultraman Nexus.

  • #7 Ultraman Belial.
  • #6 Reimon.
  • #5 Ultraman Zearth.
  • #4 Ultraman King. An awesome warrior from Nebula M78.
  • #3 Ultra Father. The strongest warrior in the land of light.
  • #2 Ultraman Zero. The youngest hero of land of light.
  • #1 Ultraman Saga. Three combined character from land of light.
  • Is Ultraman Belial dead?

    Belial seemingly died, with the empty pieces of Armored Darkness scattering about the impromptu arena, but as Zero prepared to leave, he was caught off-guard by Belial’s spirit, who overpowered Zero and forcibly fused with him, creating the Fusion Ultra Ultraman Zero Darkness.

    Who was the weakest Ultraman?

    Ultraman Neo Noa: A short lived Parody Ultra made by Zenon on the Parody Wiki before it was deleted, but later added to the Cringe Wiki. This Ultra is stated to be the weakest Ultra ever. In his appearance in Parody Hero Taisen, he dies from tripping and falling on the ground.

    Is trigger related to Tiga?

    Trivia. Trigger is considered a “New Generation Tiga”, similar to how Ultraman Jack was called the “New Ultraman” at the time of his debut. It should be noted that Trigger’s series coincides with both Ultraman Tiga’s 25th anniversary and Return of Ultraman’s 50th anniversary.

    Who is Ultraman Belial son?

    Ultraman Geed

    Ultraman Belial
    Affiliation Reionics Alien Raybrad (assimilated with) Belial Galactic Empire (founder) Darkness Five (founder)
    Weapon Giga Battle Nizer
    Children Ultraman Geed (son/clone)
    Origin Nebula M78, the Land of Light (expelled)

    Who is the mother of Ultraman Zero?

    Ultraman Zero
    Affiliation Inter-Galactic Defense Force Ultimate Force Zero New Generation Heroes
    Fighting style Space Kenpō
    Weapon Zero Sluggers Ultimate Bracelet
    Family Ultraseven (father) Unnamed mother Ultraman Taro (cousin once removed)