Who owns dur-a-flex?

Who owns dur-a-flex?

Bob Smith
Bob Smith, adored owner of Dur-A-Flex, Inc. decided it was time for a vacation. Out of the office just three days and he was already being missed. In true Dur-A-Flex spirit, President and COO Peter Ferris decided the company needed an imaginative and fun way to show Bob exactly how much he was missed.

Can you put epoxy flooring over plywood?

Certainly! There are two approaches to this process. One process is to install a self-leveling concrete over plywood followed by an epoxy system. The second approach is to install a flexible epoxy coating over plywood followed by a typical self-leveling epoxy mortar.

What is Dura Flex?

Dur-A-Flex offers everything you need to install and maintain a seamless floor or wall system that meets your specific needs, from primers and joint fillers to create a strong foundation for your new floor to high-performance topcoats and additives to make your floors more attractive and easier to maintain.

Is polyurethane better than epoxy?

Polyurethane floors are generally softer and more elastic compared to the epoxy, giving them better resistance to scratching – ideal for spaces like multi-deck car parks, which experience high levels of foot traffic. Overall, the qualities of the polyurethane system outweigh those of a roller-applied epoxy coating.

How do you cover plywood flooring?


  1. Clean and Sand the Plywood. Put on your dust mask and safety glasses.
  2. Fill Indentations With Wood Putty. Plywood often has dents, dings, indentations and even gouges.
  3. Clean Up for Painting.
  4. Apply Primer.
  5. Paint the Floor.
  6. Create a Pattern (Optional)
  7. Seal the Floor.
  8. Let the Paint Cure.

What is poly Crete?

Poly-Crete MDB is a seamless, ¼-inch, 100% solids, aromatic, cementitious urethane, self-priming, coating system. Its coefficient of thermal expansion is similar to concrete, making it very resistant to thermal shock.