What does deluding mean?

What does deluding mean?

Definition of delude transitive verb. 1 : to mislead the mind or judgment of : deceive, trick …

What are self delusions?

Definition of self-delusion 1 : the act of deluding oneself or the state of being deluded by oneself especially concerning one’s true nature, abilities, feelings, etc.

What does pace yourself mean?

Definition of pace oneself : to do something at a speed that is steady and that allows one to continue without becoming too tired.

How do you use deluded?

Examples of ‘delude’ in a sentence delude

  1. He would have been dismissed as a deluded fool had he done that in early August. The Sun (2013)
  2. I think that deluded his mind. Times, Sunday Times (2013)
  3. I have been a deluded fool. Times, Sunday Times (2011)
  4. But this was not about them; in his deluded mind, it was about him.

What causes self-delusion?

According to the traditional account, self-deception is due to the doxastic conflict between the false belief one acquires (“I failed the test because the examiner was prejudiced against female drivers”) and the true belief one denies (“I failed the test because I drove badly”).

How does self-delusion work?

When a person, who disbelieves p, intentionally tries to make himself believe or continue believing p by engaging in such activities, and, as a result unintentionally misleads himself into believing or continuing to believe p via biased thinking, he deceives himself in a way appropriate for self-deception.

When people say pace yourself?

pace (oneself) To move or progress at a speed and rate that one is able to sustain until the act is completed. Pace yourself—if you start sprinting right at the beginning of the race, you’ll run out of energy well before the finish line!

How do you pace yourself?

7 Ways to Learn to Pace Yourself

  1. Slow down. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking it down a few notches is the first step to getting a grip on your pace.
  2. Check your breath.
  3. Tune into your body.
  4. Don’t be afraid to run-walk.
  5. Try a prediction run — and repeat.
  6. Let go of expectations.
  7. Don’t compare yourself.

What does deluded mean in UK?

/dɪˈluːd/ to make someone believe something that is not true: He’s deluding himself if he thinks he’s going to be promoted this year. Compare. deceive.

What are things that are ostentatious?

Ostentatious definition The definition of ostentatious is someone or something designed to get notice or draw attention by being inappropriate, showy, vulgar and in bad taste. An example of ostentatious is when someone buys huge diamonds and drives very expensive cars in order to show off.