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What does it mean for Monuments Men to be courageous?

What does it mean for Monuments Men to be courageous?

The Monuments Men was an organization that went inside the war to save art from Hitler or from getting damage. This is an example of courage because everybody was running away from the war and they were running into the war.

How true is the film the Monuments Men?

The film is based on real events, but the names of all characters were changed, and a number of further adjustments were made to the historical facts in the interests of drama. Clooney is quoted as saying, “80 percent of the story is still completely true and accurate, and almost all of the scenes happened”.

What did Monuments Men find?

In March 1945, Allied forces discovered the first of Hitler’s many secret repositories of art, more than one thousand hiding places in all, stashed mostly in salt mines and castles. That’s when the Monuments Men began the serious task of conservation, restoration, and restitution.

How much did the Monuments Men save?

They found and recovered countless artworks stolen by the Nazis. Their work was largely forgotten to the general public until an art scholar, Lynn H. Nicholas, working in Brussels, read an obituary about a French woman who spied on the Nazis’ looting operation for years and singlehandedly saved 60,000 works of art.

How many art pieces did the Monuments Men save?

five million works
Despite extraordinary odds, this team of art experts were highly successful. Because of their efforts, more than five million works of art were saved or discovered in Nazi hiding places, many of which are still immensely famous today.

How many Monuments Men were killed?

two Monuments Men
Together the Monuments Men worked to protect monuments and other cultural treasures from the destruction of World War II. About two dozen Monuments Men braved the front lines to track, locate, and recover looted objects. Their work was dangerous: two Monuments Men were killed in combat while protecting works of art.

Why is the last supper so damaged?

Although it was common to paint directly onto the walls of building, Leonardo was not trained in this ‘fresco’ technique, and made a poor choice of materials. This, along with the humid conditions in the convent, meant that the painting began deteriorating while Leonardo was still alive.