What happened to sergeant major Plumley?

What happened to sergeant major Plumley?

Plumley died of cancer after nine days in Columbus Hospice (Columbus, Georgia), on October 10, 2012.

Did Basil Plumley serve in Korea?

Plumley graduated a jump school set up by the 82nd Airborne Division in 1943, Plumley’s records show. But Plumley never served in Korea during the Korean War, so he couldn’t have participated in one of the two combat jumps of that conflict, according to Siddall’s research.

What happened to Sgt Savage We were soldiers?

The 2nd platoon’s leader, along with most of the platoon, were killed early on in the battle. Savage and the rest of his men were surrounded by the enemy and cut off from the rest of the battalion.

Did Col Moore’s wife really deliver telegrams?

Unlike the film’s depiction, Moore did not actually assume responsibility for the delivery of the telegrams. She did, however, ride along with the cab drivers and assisted in the death notifications, often grieving with the widows and Families of men killed in battle.

When was last US combat jump?

26 March 2003
Operation Northern Delay occurred on 26 March 2003 as part of the 2003 invasion of Iraq. It involved dropping paratroopers into Northern Iraq. It was the last large-scale combat parachute operation conducted by the U.S. military since Operation Just Cause.

Was Hal Moore a pilot?

General Moore was a Master Parachutist and a qualified Army Helicopter Pilot and held two Combat Infantry Badges, the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Service Cross among other awards for valor. He received accelerated promotions six times.

Where is the Valley of Death in Vietnam?

Dien Bien Phu
In Valley Of Death, Pulitzer Prize–winning author Ted Morgan provides a definitive account of the fateful battle that ended French rule in Indochina, and eventually led America into the Vietnam War. Dien Bien Phu was a remote valley on the border of Laos along a simple rural trade route.