What is syllabus of SSC of English?

What is syllabus of SSC of English?

SSC CGL Syllabus

Tier Subject No. of questions
Tier I English Comprehension 25
Tier II Paper 1- Quantitative abilities 100
Paper 2- English language & Comprehension 200
Paper 3- Statistics 100

How can I prepare English for SSC?

How To Prepare English For SSC CGL Exam :

  1. Improve your vocabulary: Candidates should focus on improving their vocabulary as it will help them in fetching marks in topics like antonyms and synonyms, cloze test etc.
  2. Brush up your English Grammar:
  3. Work on improving your Reading Skills:
  4. Solve Past Year Papers:
  5. Revise.

Is SSC English tough?

English Language Section is one of the easiest sections that students can attempt efficiently. It doesn’t take much time if the reading skills of appearing candidates is good and knowledge of English Grammar is sufficient. The difficulty level of English Language section is considered Moderate.

What is the pattern of SSC exam?

SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam Pattern

Serial No. Sections No. of Questions
1 General Intelligence and Reasoning 25
2 General Awareness 25
3 Quantitative Aptitude 25
4 English Comprehension 25

What is the syllabus of English grammar?

The English grammar of CBSE class 6 include in the syllabus: Articles, Noun, Pronouns and Possessive Adjectives, Adjectives, Agreement of Verb and Subject, Preposition, Verb, Tenses, Active And Passive Voice, Reported Speech, Sentences, Kinds of Noun, Uses of Articles (A, An and The), Degrees of Comparison, Correct Use …

How can I improve my English vocabulary for SSC CGL?

Here are some important tips to master the vocabulary given by experts:

  1. Read Newspapers/ Editorial Articles.
  2. Bookmark the Difficult Words.
  3. Attempt Previous Year Question Paper.
  4. Attempt Daily Quizzes and Mock Tests on BYJU’S Exam Prep.
  5. Relate the Word to other Words.
  6. Create Your Sentences.
  7. Record Your Voice.
  8. Use Mnemonics.

What is SSC CGL in English?

There are 4 sections asked in the SSC CGL exam that are the English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Reasoning, and General Awareness….List of English Topics – SSC CGL Examination 2021.

Topics Subtopic
Grammar Direct-indirect
Fill in the blanks
Reading Comprehension
Verbal Ability Sentence Jumbles

Can I crack SSC without coaching?

Yes, you can prepare for SSC exams by yourself without help from any coaching centers and can attain success too. Aspirants who have set their target for SSC 2021 are going to gain a lot from this article as we have collated a few simple and very important tips to prepare for upcoming SSC exams without coaching.