How do I contact a PTA complaint?

How do I contact a PTA complaint?

Besides contacting their respective mobile phone operators, consumers may also register their complaints in this regard on PTA complaint cell numbers 051-9225329-31 Ext: 155 and at email address [email protected] .

What is PTA number?

Departments generate PTA numbers for their courses and each PTA number is a unique, randomly-generated four-digit number associated with the course registration number (CRN). Each PTA number is to be assigned to a specific student using the student’s ID number and can be used only once.

How do I check my PTA?

To verify mobile device status, users will send device’s IMEI number to 8484 via SMS, or PTA website link: www.dirbs.pta.gov.pk or by downloading DIRBS android mobile application from Google Play Store.

How do I complain to a phone number?

yes, you can lodge a complain. You go to the nearest police station and lodge a complain against all the mobile numbers which sends you unwanted sms or gives you unwanted call. Police can investigate the complain under IT ACt, IPC, TR Act .

How can I get free mobile from PTA?

PTA Registration Online

  1. Dial *8484# with your mobile.
  2. Press 1 for PTA mobile registration free.
  3. Reply with 1 if you are Pakistani and Reply with 2 if you are a foreigner.
  4. Further, Dial 1 for PTA mobile registration free if you are registering a device for the first time.
  5. Enter your passport details.

What mean PTA?

parent-teacher association
A PTA is a school association run by some of the parents and teachers to discuss matters that affect the children and to organize events to raise money. PTA is an abbreviation for parent-teacher association.

What is local PTA?

A local PTA chapter is part of a national network of organizations working together for children’s interests. Most parents join a local unit, which automatically gives them membership in the state and national PTAs. The local unit can represent a single school or a group of schools.

Is PTA tax removed in Pakistan?

The telecommunication authority further clarified the tax collecting process and stated that it had nothing to do with the tax collecting procedure. “PTA only provides technical support in the form of DIRBS through which applicants can register their mobile devices for use within Pakistan.” Telecom authority clarified.

How do I prove PTA mobile?

To check the status of a mobile device, dial *#06# and SMS each 15 digit IMEI to 8484. Mobile device users are advised to have all IMEIs (dual SIM) of their mobile devices registered with PTA.

How do I report a foreign number?

“A toll-free number — 1800110420 or 1963 — has been opened by all the telecom services providers (TSPs) for the purpose of reporting by customers which further helps in unearthing of illegal telephone exchanges,” Minister of State for Home Affairs Hansraj Gangaran Ahir said in written reply to a question in the Rajya …

How do I complain about Do Not Disturb?

There are various options for customer to register DND services i.e. through our website, by sending SMS to 1909 (toll free), by calling dedicate IVR 1909 (toll free), through our App or TRAI DND APP 2.0. The registration of DND service will be done at real time, however it will be effective at 24hrs.