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How much are Slavia Prague tickets?

How much are Slavia Prague tickets?

Slavia have divided their home matches into three pricing categories. Tickets for a category Z1 match, the cheapest, range in price from CZK 160.00 for a seat behind the goal to CZK 310.00 for a seat at the main stand. Tickets for a category Z3 match, the most expensive, range in price from CZK 280.00 to CZK 560.00.

How much is a day pass in Prague?

General information: types of tickets+how to get them

Pass type Adult Note
short term ticket 2,00 € valid for 90 min
1 day 5,90 € valid for 24 hrs
3 days 14,80 € valid for 72 hrs

How much is transportation in Prague?

Travel around Prague: Public Transport – Tickets and Passes

PUBLIC TRANSPORT TICKETS (valid on Metro, trams & buses) ADULT & STUDENT
Ticket for 30 minutes travel 30 CZK
Ticket for 90 minutes travel 40 CZK
1-Day Pass (24 hours) (includes funicular) 120 CZK
3-Day Pass (72 hours) (includes funicular) 330 CZK

How many football teams are there in Prague?

Prague. Prague has six professional football teams and a total of 14 in the top four divisions of national competition. Below the fourth tier, the Prague Football Association organises the fifth-tier Prague Championship, which is contested by 16 teams, all of which are based in Prague.

Where is Sparta Prague football stadium?

Generali Česká pojišťovna ArenaAC Sparta Prague / Arena/Stadium

How do you pay for the metro in Prague?

You can pay for the ticket using your credit/debit card, Masterpass or Apple Pay. Before you use the ticket, you need to activate it in the application (can be done automatically after the purchase or manually later).

What is the best way to get around Prague?

The best way to get around Prague is on foot or by public transportation. Exploring this city on foot is a treat for the eyes, plus many of the most noteworthy attractions are within walking distance of one another. What’s more, several of the city’s top guided tours are walking tours.