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What is a post-award conference?

What is a post-award conference?

A post-award orientation conference generally has five main goals: (1) First, to clarify procedures to facilitate award implementation. (2) Secondly, to detail the more critical or complex requirements of the award and ensure understanding.

What is the purpose of a post-award debriefing?

The fact-finding debriefing is for unsuccessful offerors that are not sure whether they will protest the agency’s award decision. The primary objective for this type of debriefing is determining whether the agency appropriately followed the source selection procedures outlined in the solicitation and the FAR.

What four factors should be used to determine the need for a post award Orientation Conference?

list of attendees; all discussion topics; all agreements & decisions; areas requiring resolution; controversial matters; names assigned to action items; due dates for action items; all info and guidance provided to the contractor; other pertinent info.

What happens if the debriefing request is not timely?

If you do not submit a timely request for a debriefing, the agency does not have to provide you with either a preaward or postaward debriefing.

How long do you have to request a debrief?

within 3 days
The Debriefing request must be received by the Agency within 3 days after your receipt of notification.

What is far audit?

The FAR audit includes an examination and tests of the firm’s accounting and internal control systems. In addition to ensuring that your firm is compliant with the FAR, the audit can identify if your firm’s systems are optimal for the continued profitability and growth of your company.

What part of the far addresses contract administration?

When a contract is assigned for administration under subpart 42.2, the contract administration office (CAO) shall perform contract administration functions in accordance with 48 CFR Chapter 1, the contract terms, and, unless otherwise agreed to in an interagency agreement (see 42.002), the applicable regulations of the …