What is Puppet Hieradata?

What is Puppet Hieradata?

Hiera is a built-in key-value configuration data lookup system, used for separating data from Puppet code. About Hiera. Puppet’s strength is in reusable code.

What is Puppet Facter?

Facter is Puppet’s cross-platform system profiling library. It discovers and reports per-node facts, which are available in your Puppet manifests as variables.

What are the functions of Puppet?

Puppet Function

Function Description
realize This is used to make a virtual object real.
require This is used to evaluate one or more classes and adding the required class as a dependency.
round This is used to return an Integer value rounded to the nearest value.
rstrip Strips trailing spaces from a String

How do you escape Puppet?

Escape sequences Within single quotation marks, if a backslash is followed by any character other than another backslash or a single quotation mark, Puppet treats it as a literal backslash. To include a literal double backslash use a quadruple backslash.

What is R10k puppet?

Description. R10k provides a general purpose toolset for deploying Puppet environments and modules. It implements the Puppetfile format and provides a native implementation of Puppet environments.

What is puppet catalog?

A catalog is a document that describes the desired state for each resource that Puppet manages on a node. A primary server typically compiles a catalog from manifests of Puppet code.

How do you find Puppet facts?

To see the fact values for a node, run facter -p on the command line, or browse facts on node detail pages in the Puppet Enterprise console. You can also use the PuppetDB API to explore or build tools to search and report on your infrastructure’s facts.

Does Ansible use Facter?

general. facter – Runs the discovery program facter on the remote system. You might already have this collection installed if you are using the ansible package. It is not included in ansible-core .

What is a class in puppet?

Classes are named blocks of Puppet code that are stored in modules and applied later when they are invoked by name. You can add classes to a node’s catalog by either declaring them in your manifests or assigning them from an external node classifier (ENC).

How do you call a function in puppet?

There are two ways to call functions in the Puppet language: prefix calls as in template(“ntp/ntp. conf….Chained function calls

  1. The first argument of the function, which can be any expression that resolves to a value.
  2. A period .
  3. The full name of the function, as an unquoted word.

How do you run a puppet with multiple commands?

1 Answer

  1. Just change the command line to add all the other commands ( cmd1 && cmd2 && cmd3 ).
  2. Use the unless or onlyif parameters, so as to check if your stored procedure or whatsoever already exists before running the command.
  3. Set refreshonly , and subscribe to the previous exec.