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Can you talk after a total glossectomy?

Can you talk after a total glossectomy?

Some sounds are made using your lips, so you may be able to make sounds such as b, m, p, w after a glossectomy. When part of the tongue is removed, it can be hard to speak and be understood by others. People who have all of their tongue removed will need to write and/or use cue cards to help with communication.

Can you talk after partial glossectomy?

It can take a few months for your tongue to recover. With exercises and careful attention to speech, most people find they can be clearly understood when talking and can also manage to use the telephone well. The Speech and Language Therapist will offer you advice and support to help you adapt to any changes.

Can you talk after tongue reconstruction?

After this surgery your speech and swallowing may be severely affected. Generally, the more tongue that is taken out because of the tumour, the harder it will be to swallow and speak clearly. After a glossectomy, there may be a lot of swelling in your throat. Swelling could block the air passage.

How long is recovery from glossectomy?

If you have a small portion of your tongue removed you will be able to go home the same day or the morning after surgery. You will need to do good mouth care for 1 to 2 weeks after surgery. The nurse will teach you how to do mouth care and will give you a pamphlet with instructions to follow at home.

Does glossectomy affect speech?

For patients undergoing total glossectomy, speech intelligibility ranged from 0% to 8% at admission and from 18% to 42% after therapy. The role of the speech pathologist is to determine the way the patients can be rehabilitated by using available structures.

What can I expect after a partial glossectomy?

Activity: No work, strenuous activity or swimming for two weeks. Avoid bending, lifting, or straining. Mouth Care: Gargle several times a day to prevent infection. For the first seven days following the procedure, please mix one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in one cup of water.

How does glossectomy affect speech?

How do you talk after removing your tongue?

People who have all of their tongue removed will need to write and/or use technology such as mobile devices (e.g., tablets, ipod) to help with communication. You will also learn gestures to help you speak. After you go home, you can have therapy with a Speech-Language Pathologist to help improve your speech.

How long does pain last after partial glossectomy?

Medications: Pain in the throat and ears may last up to ten to fourteen days. Take pain medication as prescribed to ease discomfort.

What happens if your whole tongue is removed?

Total glossectomy: The whole tongue is removed. This results in an inability to swallow without getting food/liquids into the lungs (called aspiration). Because of this, a laryngectomy may also be done. Laryngectomy (removal of the larynx or voice box) helps prevent aspiration, but also results in loss of your voice.