How do I insert a table in mediawiki?

How do I insert a table in mediawiki?

Tables and the Visual Editor (VE)

  1. Can now move or delete columns and rows. Click on a column or row header.
  2. Insert blank row or column. From the same popup menu click on “Insert”.
  3. Copy table from web page to Visual Editor. It is possible to copy and paste a table from a web page directly into the Visual Editor (VE).

How do you insert a table in Wikipedia?

Go to your wiki page and click on the edit button on the top right corner of your page. Right click on the edit area where you want the table to be shown, and then click on “Paste” to insert the table into your article.

What is manual table?

Edit your page numbers Remember: When you use a Manual Table, you are responsible for manually adding and formatting everything within it (which can be really annoying). The table will not automatically update in any way, based on the content you add or remove in your Word document.

How do I add a content box to Wikipedia?


  1. Create or edit a wiki page.
  2. Place the cursor where you want the table of contents to be displayed.
  3. Click the Macros list in the editor toolbar. Note: If the Macros list is not available, ask the Wikis administrator to enable it.
  4. Select Table of Contents to add a table of contents to the page.

How do I create a sandbox page in Wikipedia?

Creating a sandbox You can do this by editing your user page and adding [[/sandbox]]; this will link to a subpage called “sandbox”. Click the link (which should be red, because the page does not exist yet). Write something in the edit window, add an edit summary, and press Publish changes .

How do I add images to infobox fandom?

If it’s the default infobox then all you need to do is put the image link. The one that’s there when you click on a photo/image. Change the Image. PNG to whatever picture you want to use, and make sure you type the link exactly how it’s shown!

How do I add a tab to my infobox fandom?

You can create more tabs by adding |-|Tab X name=[[File:Filename. X|Imagesizepx]] to the Tabber. You can keep adding tabs to that template, as well. Keep in mind that you do need the {{!}}

How do you use table of contents manually?

To insert a Manual Table for your TOC in Word, simply:

  1. Click into your document where you want your TOC.
  2. Navigate to the References tab.
  3. Open the Table of Contents dropdown menu.
  4. Select Manual Table.