Is ViewSPORT still in business?

Is ViewSPORT still in business?

Ben pitched a great product, a great strategy, and some of the Sharks liked the idea, but he drowned in the tank with an overvaluation. While some entrepreneurs can overcome that in negotiations, Ben Wood of Viewsport could not. The company is still in business and appears to be doing well.

How does sweat activated technology work?

When an athlete exercises, ViewSPORT sweat-activated technology reveals a design that is only apparent once sweat comes in contact with the fabric. The harder the wearer works, the more visible the image.

How do sweat activated shirt work?

Graphics printed using the ViewSPORT® Ink are completely invisible until activated with water. As the shirt becomes wet, the design begins to appear. The more the person sweats, the clearer these graphics become. Once the shirt begins to dry the images disappear, ready to start the cycle again.

How do you make sweat shirts?

How To Make A “Sweat Activated” Gym Shirt With Cricut

  1. Apply Vinyl to The Inside Of The Shirt.
  2. Apply Iron On Transfer Paper To The Outside Of The Shirt.
  3. Use a “Water Resistant” spray and a stencil. ( This method does not appear to hold up for more than couple of washings)

What temp do you press Infusible Ink?

Infusible Ink uses high heat (at least 385°F) to infuse transfer sheets and pen ink into your base material. To make sure your projects last, Cricut did rigorous testing on different types of materials to ensure your project will last a lifetime.

What side goes down on Infusible Ink?

liner side down
Place Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet onto StandardGrip Mat, liner side down. 2. In the software, select and size your design to fit on apparel blank. Be sure to Mirror your design if using Design Space.

Do you mirror when using Infusible Ink?

Do I need to mirror my Infusible Ink design? Yes. Just like iron-on/HTV projects, you must mirror your design before cutting; otherwise your design will appear in reverse when transferred.

What is the difference between Infusible Ink and iron-on?

The iron-on material sits on top of your base material using an adhesive, whereas Infusible Ink infuses into the fibers of compatible Cricut blanks without any adhesive.