What does Antonio D Amico do now?

What does Antonio D Amico do now?

D’Amico now runs his own fashion design company. Versace’s will left D’Amico with a pension of 50 million lira a month for life, and the right to live in any of Versace’s homes in Italy and the United States.

Where is Antonio D Amico?

Today, D’Amico runs his own fashion label and lives in Northern Italy with his new partner. The past two decades have been quiet ones for D’Amico, who told the Guardian that he fell into a deep depression following Gianni’s murder.

Why did Donatella sell Versace?

The mother of two, who owns the label with her other brother Santo, 73, and daughter Allegra, 32, insists the label had to be sold in order for it to ‘reach its full potential’.

Who is Donatella Versace daughter?

Allegra VersaceDonatella Versace / Daughter

Who designs for Versace now?

Donatella Versace
Donatella Versace has been Artistic Director of Versace since 1997 and has steered the brand into the 21st century. Today, Versace represents its heritage through its strong and fearless designs, while addressing a new global audience which continues to strengthen Versace’s position in contemporary culture.

Where is Versace buried?

Cimitero di Moltrasio, Moltrasio, ItalyGianni Versace / Place of burial

Who bought Michael Kors?

Kors left Celine in October 2003 to concentrate on his own brand via holding company Michael Kors Holdings Limited (MKH Ltd), relaunched with a majority $100M investment from Canadian fashion investor Lawrence Stroll and his Hong Kong-based partner Silas Chou, who had previously purchased Tommy Hilfiger in 1989.

How much does Donatella own of Versace?

After Gianni was murdered in 1997 by a deranged fan, Donatella’s daughter Allegra inherited a 50% ownership stake in the Versace fashion empire. Donatella inherited 20% of the company and her uncle Santo (Gianni’s brother) inherited 30%.