Is Largo FL a nice place to live?

Is Largo FL a nice place to live?

Largo is truly the best city in all of Pinellas County. Largo is a great area! Lots of shopping centers and recreational facilities, great to connect with new people, and many outlets to get fit and socialize! Largo is a safe place with some culture and nightlife not far away.

Is Largo Florida Nice?

The largo community is very welcoming and the neighborhoods are quite nice. There’s many places to go and it’s never too busy. You can always find something to do and the schools nearby are great. Largo is truly the best city in all of Pinellas County.

What major city is Largo Florida near?

These are straight line distances in a radius around Largo (Florida), suitable for a day trip or a short weekend trip within roughly 120 miles….Cities near Largo (Florida)

106 miles: Orlando
23 miles: Tampa
53 miles: Sarasota
15 miles: Saint Petersburg (Florida)
67 miles: Siesta Key

What type of area is Largo Florida?

Located just a few miles north of St. Petersburg (the one in Florida, not Russia!), Largo,the 4th largest city in the Tampa Bay area and located within Florida’s Pinellas County, is a middle class city that is primarily residential and among the most densely populated cities in the area.

Is Largo Florida a city or town?

Largo began as a rural farming community and became the third largest city in Florida’s most densely populated county. Largo is a sister city to Tosayamada, Kōchi, Japan and has been named a National Arbor Day Tree City for 32 years in a row….

Largo, Florida

Does Largo FL have a beach?

Best Beaches Although the city of Largo is centrally located, there are some very beautiful beaches within close proximity. Indian Rocks Beach is south of central Largo and offers a quiet atmosphere with little commercialism.

Does Largo Florida have a downtown?

The Downtown Largo district is from Seminole Boulevard/Missouri Avenue west to 14th Street Southwest and from Eighth Avenue Southwest north to Fourth Avenue Northwest.

Is Largo FL an island?

Key Largo (Spanish: Cayo Largo) is an island in the upper Florida Keys archipelago and is the largest section of the Keys, at 33 miles (53 km) long….Key Largo.

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