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What does ironic mean in literature?

What does ironic mean in literature?

Definition of irony 1a : the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning. b : a usually humorous or sardonic literary style or form characterized by irony. c : an ironic expression or utterance.

Is irony the same as ironic?

Ironic is the adjective for the noun irony. In contemporary speech, when we call something ironic, we often mean sarcastic.

What type of irony is sarcasm?

Verbal irony: Verbal irony is when a character says something that is different from what they really mean or how they really feel. If the intent of the irony is to mock, it is known as sarcasm.

How is the title everyday use ironic?

For Mama, the best way to protect the spirit of the quilts is to risk destroying them while in Maggie’s permanent “care.” The irony of this is not bitter but touching: preserving the objects and taking them out of everyday use is disrespectful because it disregards the objects’ intended, original uses.

What are the 3 types of irony and examples?

Dramatic irony. Also known as tragic irony,this is when a writer lets their reader know something that a character does not.

  • Comic irony. This is when irony is used to comedic effect—such as in satire.
  • Situational irony.
  • Verbal irony.
  • What is an example of irony in real life?

    Verbal Irony. Writers and speakers use verbal irony to mean the opposite of what is actually stated,usually for humor.

  • Situational Irony. Unexpected endings of stories create situational irony.
  • Dramatic Irony.
  • What are the examples of irony statements?

    Irony and Ironic Statements. Irony is a technique used in English to emphasise a point using the opposite (or deeper) meaning of something. It can be used in many situations but most often it is used to be comical. For example: The world’s full of apathy, but I don’t care. Apathy is the state of indifference – not caring about something

    What are the main types of irony?

    Four Major Types of Irony: Verbal Irony.

  • Note: Verbal irony may be confused with sarcasm,but sarcasm is harsh and direct,while verbal irony is implied. Dramatic Irony.
  • Situational Irony.