What is an exit code 1?

What is an exit code 1?

Resolution. The “Exit Code 1” is simply a “Generic Exit Code” which means the job failed and this can be for any reason.

What is the cause of container exit code 137?

State: Running Started: Thu, 10 Oct 2019 11:14:13 +0200 Last State: Terminated Reason: OOMKilled Exit Code: 137 Exit code 137 indicates that the container was terminated due to an out of memory issue.

Is the Docker CLI working exit status 1?

Exit Code 1: Indicates failure due to application error.

How do I fix Java started but returned exit code 1?

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  1. Open the SpringToolSuite4. ini File.
  2. Search For the openFile.
  3. Provide the jvm.dll file location in SpringToolSuite4.ini.
  4. Note : Provide the New Line between -vm and your jvm. dll file location shown below.

What exit codes should I use?

What exit code should I use?

  • 1 – Catchall for general errors.
  • 2 – Misuse of shell builtins (according to Bash documentation)
  • 126 – Command invoked cannot execute.
  • 127 – “command not found”
  • 128 – Invalid argument to exit.
  • 128+n – Fatal error signal “n”
  • 130 – Script terminated by Control-C.
  • 255\* – Exit status out of range.

What is error code 137 on LG TV?

Most of the LG Smart TV users might see the error code 137 while opening the YouTube app. The Youtube TV Error Code 137 indicates the YouTube App has stopped working on LG Smart TV. The error messages such as “Ads,” “No videos are available” are displayed on the TV screen while encountering the error code 137.

How much memory is my Docker container using?

If you need more detailed information about a container’s resource usage, use the /containers/(id)/stats API endpoint. On Linux, the Docker CLI reports memory usage by subtracting cache usage from the total memory usage.

How do you prune docker?

Prune everything The docker system prune command is a shortcut that prunes images, containers, and networks. Volumes are not pruned by default, and you must specify the –volumes flag for docker system prune to prune volumes. By default, you are prompted to continue. To bypass the prompt, use the -f or –force flag.

How do I close all docker containers?

Kill All Containers Using Docker Compose If you do, killing multiple containers takes one command: docker-compose down. You could also run docker-compose without detached mode. If so, you’ll just use ^C to kill all containers. And there you have it—all containers killed!

Why did docker get exited?

Why a Docker container terminates The main process inside the container has ended successfully: This is the most common reason for a Docker container to stop! When the process running inside your container ends, the container will exit.

How do I keep docker containers running?

Dockerfile Command to Keep the Container Running

  1. Method 1: You can use the -t (pseudo-tty) docker parameter to keep the container running.
  2. Method 2: You can run the container directly passing the tail command via arguments as shown below.
  3. Method 3: Another method is to execute a sleep command to infinity.