What is charge factor in blasting?

What is charge factor in blasting?

Powder factor or specific charge or blasting ratio: This is the ratio between the mass of explosives required to break a given quantity of rock and is normally expressed in kg/m3 or kg/t3.

How do you calculate explosive per hole?

The weight strength (S) or Energy coefficient Linear Charge (Lf ) It is the quantity of explosive per linear meter of hole. For explosives delivered in bulk, the quantity is calculated by multiplying the volume of one meter hole by the density (d) of the product.

What are the factors affecting blasting?

Basic Principles of FAM. The major factors affecting the blast-casting results include: bench height, burden, dip angle of blast holes, powder factor, delay time interval, presplitting blasting effect, blasting patterns, and so on.

What are blasting parameters?

The parameters to be considered for blast casting are the overburden rock characteristics, blast geometry, spacing to burden ratio, delay interval, stemming and decking, Page 16 8 bench height to width ratio, explosive used etc.

What is explosive energy?

Explosive energy is broken down into five primary components: rock fragmentation, heave, ground vibration, air blast, and heat. Fragmentation and heave are considered beneficial components while the remaining are considered waste.

What is the density of explosives?

1 to 2 g/cm3
The densities of explosives are in the range of 1 to 2 g/cm3, but their densities must be determined to a precision of less than 0.001 g/cm3.

How do you calculate blasting volume?

Page 3

  1. BH + SD. Charge length (C) =
  2. L – SL. Blast volume (V) =
  3. B x S x BH x N. Blasted tonnes (T) =
  4. V x Density of rock in t/m3. Volume of blasthole (Vb) =
  5. π x D2/4000 x L.
  6. PF (kg/m3) =
  7. blasted (for kg/Tonne, divided by blasted tonnes T)
  8. AWS of explosive/AWS of ANFO x 100.

What is permitted explosive?

Permitted Explosives is versatile water in oil emulsion explosives for blasting in underground coal mines for cut blasting and depillaring.