Why is my TurboTax not opening?

Why is my TurboTax not opening?

Once you uninstall TurboTax, download the software and install it again. This time, you should be able to open TurboTax and file your federal or state taxes hasslefree. However, if issues like TurboTax won’t open on Windows 10 still persist, you can try clearing the browser’s cache files and cookies.

How do I open a 2014 TurboTax file?

You must first start and run TurboTax and the use the File -> Open Tax Return then locate and select the data file for that year for it to open.

How do I open TurboTax on my Mac?

Select Open Tax Return from the File menu (Windows) or TurboTax menu (Mac), browse to the location of your . tax or tax data file (not the PDF), select it, and then select Open.

Why won’t TurboTax install on my Mac computer?

If you’re having trouble installing TurboTax for Mac: Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements. Verify that you have administrator rights. Turn off file sharing.

How do I fix TurboTax not working?

If TurboTax still won’t install, try these steps:

  • Run the Windows System File Checker tool.
  • Install TurboTax from a different CD or DVD drive on your computer, if you’re installing from a CD.
  • If you downloaded TurboTax, delete the downloaded file and download TurboTax again.
  • Install TurboTax on a different computer.

Why does TurboTax take forever to load?

TurboTax uses JAVA. When a JAVA program starts, everything you see or might see has to be initialized. TurboTax is a hugely complex application. That’s why it is so slow to launch.

How do I open previous years TurboTax?

There are two ways to get your prior-year returns.

  1. Select Documents from the side menu, use the drop-down menu to choose the tax year you want, and select Download tax PDF.
  2. From Tax Home, scroll down and select Your tax returns & documents. Select the year you want and select Download/print return (PDF).

Is TurboTax compatible with Mac computers?

Yes, the TurboTax Home & Business 2020 product will work with macOS Mojave 10.14 or later.

Does TurboTax have Mac software?

If you just downloaded TurboTax for Mac, look for the icon on your desktop. You can also search for it by file name: TurboTax Basic, Deluxe, Premier, and Home Business – Search for m_turbotax.

Why is my TurboTax download not working?

If you’re having problems downloading TurboTax on a wireless connection, open a new Internet browser session and visit sites that you haven’t visited for a while. If you can’t access other sites, try restarting your wireless router.

How do I update TurboTax on Mac?

If you’re on a PC, open TurboTax and select Check for Updates from the Online menu near the top. On a Mac, simply quit and reopen TurboTax. If there are any updates, you’ll be prompted to download them.