Who is the AFROTC Commander 2021?

Who is the AFROTC Commander 2021?

With 452 cadre and more than 3,400 cadets, the commander of the largest and most logistically demanding Field Training in history, Col. Paul Tombarge, discusses the myriad of factors that make the 2021 encampment an arduous but rewarding endeavor for him and his team.

Who is the current AFROTC commander?

Jason Patla, AFROTC Det. 157 commander, talks about the impact of ROTC and the importance of building leaders.

How many ribbons can you earn in AFJROTC?

one ribbon
Achievement Ribbon: Is a ribbon awarded for a significant achievement in AFJROTC or other school activities/events. Individuals may not receive more than one ribbon during a 1-year period. Criteria for this award will be published in the unit’s Cadet Guide.

What does GMC stand for ROTC?

About the Program. General Military Course. The first two years of the Air Force ROTC four-year program, the General Military Course (GMC), consist of one hour of classroom work and one to two hours of leadership laboratory each week.

Can you be an officer in the Air Force Reserves?

Answer: You can apply to become an officer in the Air Force Reserve if you are a participating enlisted reservist, have a 4 year degree and apply for the Deserving Airman Commissioning Program (DACP) through the Force Support Squadron office at your base.

What does FTP stand for AFROTC?

Field Training Preparation (FTP) LLAB provides cadets scheduled to attend FT with the mental and physical skills needed to succeed in the AFROTC FT environment.

Can CAP cadets wear JROTC ribbons?

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Awards. AFJROTC cadets are not authorized to wear ribbons/medals earned/issued from the United States Army, United States Navy, or United States Marine Corps AFJROTC programs unless they were previously enrolled in a sister service JROTC program.

How do you get ribbons in JROTC?

Awarded to any JROTC cadet who performs an act of heroism. Awarded annually to one outstanding cadet in each LET level. Awarded annually to one cadet who exhibits the highest degree of excellence in scholastics.

What does rot stand for?


Acronym Definition
ROT Redundant, Outdated, or Trivial (material on web pages; US EPA)
ROT Record Of Trial
ROT Remotely Operated Tool
ROT Receive Only Terminal