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What can go in a Mick George skip?

What can go in a Mick George skip?

Please note that General Waste Skips are restricted to specific materials, including: Garden waste, household waste, scrap metal, soil, bricks, general dry waste, wood, plastic, hardcore, rubble, paper and concrete.

How much is a skip UK?

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Skip?

Skip Type Dimensions (length by width by height) Rest of UK Fee
Mini Skip 1.29 x 1.29 x 1 metres £90 to £130 per week
Medium Skip 1.68 x 1.22 x 1.22 metres £200 to £250 per week
Large Skip 3.7 x 1.78 x 1.68 metres £250 to £340 per week

Is a 4 yard skip big enough?

With the capacity to accommodate approximately 40 bin bags full of waste, the 4 yard skip is ideal for kitchen and bathroom refits, as well as major garden clearance projects.

Who is Mick George skips?

The Mick George Group are the leading skip hire company in the East Midlands and East Anglia. We supply a vast range of skips of different sizes to help you tackle everything from small domestic work to large industrial projects.

What should you not put in a skip?

Items which can’t be thrown into a skip include asbestos, gas cylinders, animal waste, explosives, batteries, oil of any kind, chemicals, paint and glue, televisions, laptops, phones, electrical equipment, lighting and tyres.

How much is it to hire a skip in Huntingdon?

Skip Hire Price List – Prices vary based on post code

Skip Type General Waste Wood Waste
4 yard From £154 +VAT From £130 +VAT
6 yard From £178 +VAT From £150 +VAT
8 yard From £200 +VAT From £160 +VAT
8 yard (Enclosed) From £216 +VAT From £170 +VAT

What can’t you put in a skip?

Things You Can’t Put in a Skip

  • Asbestos. Due to it’s toxic nature, asbestos cannot be deposited into a general skip.
  • Batteries. Batteries can not go into general skips due to the hazardous materials they contain.
  • Fridges/Freezers.
  • Tyres.
  • BONUS ITEM: Paint and Paint Cans.

What is the most common skip size?

A ‘6 yarder’ is the most common skip size and is great for DIY or building projects such as removing a medium-sized kitchen or large bathroom. It is the size you see most frequently in residential streets. It holds the equivalent of 40-55 bin bags.

How big is a 4 yard skip?

4 Yard Skip 7ft Length x 5ft Width x 3ft Height. Holds about 45 – 55 black bags.

Can you put mixed waste in a skip?

Yes, you can hire a skip to dispose of general mix waste.