How much do professors get paid North Carolina?

How much do professors get paid North Carolina?

The average salary for a professor is $76,793 per year in North Carolina.

Are UNC salaries public?

Why do we publish this data? Employee salaries are public and we believe that publishing salaries benefits both the public by providing easily accessible salary information and the employing institutions by minimizing public personnel information requests.

Who is the highest paid state employee in North Carolina?

Of those, 152 made $200,000 or more, and the state’s highest-paid employee, Valerie Hillings, director of the N.C. Museum of Art, made $317,000.

How much do UNC Charlotte professors make?

The typical UNC Charlotte Professor salary is $92,803 per year. Professor salaries at UNC Charlotte can range from $50,000 – $139,696 per year.

How much do Ncdot workers make?

Ncdot Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Administrative Officer Range:$36k – $97k (Estimated *) Average:$57,017
Construction Worker Range:$31k – $103k (Estimated *) Average:$56,165
Engineering Technician Range:$36k – $69k (Estimated *) Average:$49,627
Accounting Technician Range:$32k – $50k (Estimated *) Average:$39,651

How much do Mecklenburg County employees make?

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte Business Journal has compiled the salaries for more than 5,900 Mecklenburg County employees, almost 400 of whom make six figures. From sheriffs to attorneys to IT managers, the average annual salary is close to $60,000.

How much does the dean of UNCC make?

The estimated total pay for a Dean is $137,742 per year in the Charlotte, NC Area.

How much do Yale professors make?

$222,283 per year
How much does a Professor at Yale University make? The typical Yale University Professor salary is $222,283 per year. Professor salaries at Yale University can range from $68,068 – $579,356 per year.