Where is Amber Scott now?

Where is Amber Scott now?

Amber Scott’s on-screen brother is now a lawyer However, Scott seemingly returned to the entertainment world in 2015, when a recent headshot of her surfaced (via E! Online). The actor, now in her 30s, was also credited as a producer on Cannonball in 2019, according to her IMDb.

How old is Amber Scott now?

37 years (October 10, 1984)Amber Scott / Age

What movies did Amber Scott play in?

HookAmber Scott / Movies

Who is Amber Scott married to?

Ty King-Wall
Amber Scott is an Australian ballet dancer. She is a principal artist at The Australian Ballet….

Amber Scott
Occupation Ballet dancer
Spouse(s) Ty King-Wall
Children 1
Current group The Australian Ballet

Who is Little Girl in Hook?

You may remember Amber Scott as Robin Williams’ adorable daughter in the 1991 classic film Hook. While she won our hearts back then, she doesn’t appear to be doing any major acting today.

What is Amber Scott in?

Amber Scott was born on October 10, 1984 in the USA. She is an actress and producer, known for Hook (1991), Cannonball (2019) and American Experience (1987).

Is Amber Scott still an actress?

Though Scott’s performance in the film was appreciated by many, she could not establish an acting career. In fact, Hook remains to be her only feature film to date. Amber Scott has stayed away from the limelight since her debut performance in Hook.

Who played Peter Pans daughter in Hook?

Amber Scott was only seven years old when she played the role of Peter Banning/Peter Pan’s daughter, but it wasn’t hard to tell that she would grow up to be a real beauty. We remember spending our childhood wishing we could have hair like hers.

Who produced Hook?

Kathleen Kennedy
Frank MarshallGerald R. Molen

How old was Maggie Smith when she did hook?

56 years old
Dame Maggie Smith, being only 56 years old at the time of filming, was aged by make-up to play 92-year-old Granny Wendy.

Who plays Peter Pan’s daughter in Hook?