Do you get paid to work for UNICEF?

Do you get paid to work for UNICEF?

The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at UNICEF is $133,715, or $64 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $134,351, or $64 per hour. At UNICEF, the highest paid job is a Director of Sales at $227,570 annually and the lowest is a CS Rep at $46,888 annually.

Is UNICEF a good company to work for?

One of the best places to work for A great organization with a purpose, enjoyed working for UNICEF Jordan and other offices around the world. The strong brand gives a sense of belonging and the cause is something else.

How can I work for UNICEF in USA?

All open vacancies at UUSA will be posted on Please disregard any emails that refer you to a different website. All recruitment requests will be from a ‘’ email address.

What is UNICEF CEO salary?

UNICEF USA President & CEO Michael J. Nyenhuis’ salary, at $620,000, is less than 1% of all funds raised for children.

How can I join the UN?

There are many ways to join us and to get involved. You can apply and become a staff member, a volunteer, or an intern. You can connect with us on social media and join the global conversation on the issues facing humanity.

How much does a UNICEF ambassador earn?

Our Ambassadors support UNICEF in a voluntary capacity, receiving no fee for their time and commitment. “They contribute greatly to UNICEF’s work for children.”

What do UNICEF employees do?

Work with us to create a world safe for every child We lobby and campaign to ensure children are kept safe and their rights are upheld. And we work with schools, hospitals and communities here in the UK to ensure that children flourish. We promote equality, diversity and inclusion in our workplace.

Why do you want to work for UNICEF?

Why you should consider joining the Unicef team Every day children face violence, disease and hunger. They are battered by the chaos of war and disaster and forced to flee their homes. They are denied an education. Yet with the support of donations, Unicef has saved millions of children’s lives.

Do UNICEF pay interns?

All our interns are entitled to a stipend as a contribution towards living expenses, paid by UNICEF or a partner institution. A one-time lump sum, as a contribution towards travel and visa costs, may also be granted when funding is available.