Is Little Kings cream ale still made?

Is Little Kings cream ale still made?

Little Kings kept brewing in Cincinnati until 2001 when production moved to Frederick, Maryland. In 2004, Greg Hardman launched Christian Moerlein Company and began to bring Cincinnati’s beer brands back to town. Little Kings is now brewed in Over-the-Rhine.

What is a cream ale similar to?

Cream ale is related to pale lager. They are generally brewed to be light and refreshing with a straw to pale golden color. Hop and malt flavor is usually subdued but like all beer styles it is open to individual interpretation, so some breweries give them a more assertive character.

What makes a cream ale a cream ale?

Cream ales are fermented in warm temperatures, whereas lagers are fermented cold. However! A defining characteristic of cream ales is their use of lager yeast, which can be used like ale yeast, fermenting in warm temperatures; in those cases, the beer is then conditioned in cold temperatures, like a lager.

Why is cream ale called cream?

Despite its name, Cream Ale doesn’t contain any dairy or lactose. It’s not going to taste like a Milkshake IPA. Traditionally, it’s actually more closely related to a lager –yes, even with “ale” in the name. The word “cream” is simply marketing jargon, possibly referring to the beer’s silky taste or richness.

Who Makes Little King’s Cream Ale?

Little Kings Cream Ale Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Co.

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Is Kolsch a cream ale?

Cream ales were basically the American version of kölsch, an earlier German counterpoint to the Czech-developed pilsner. Cream ales were generally made with adjuncts such as corn and rice to lighten the body of what would normally have come out as a conventionally thicker, richer ale.

What is the difference between cream ale and Pale ale?

A blonde ale is a little more fruiter and maltier. A cream ale is cleaner and more crisp but they can overlap at extremes. The corn factor (no pun intended) is the biggest difference. Also a blonde typically has more body which can be the deciding factor.

Does cream ale need to be refrigerated?

Cream ales are served refrigerated and highly carbonated.