Which protocol is better I2C or SPI?

Which protocol is better I2C or SPI?

Overall, SPI is better for high speed and low power applications, while I2C is better suited for communication with a large number of peripherals, as well as in situations involving dynamic changing of the primary device role among peripherals on the I2C bus.

What is the difference between SPI UART and I2C protocol?

UART vs I2C vs SPI Unlike communication protocols like I2C and SPI, UART is a physical circuit. While SPI and I2C use a master/slave paradigm to control devices and send data, UART communication incorporates two UART devices to send and receive the data.

What is faster I2C or SPI?

I2C originally defined data transfer rates at 100kbps, though we have seen it bump up to 400kbps or even up to 5Mbps in Ultra Fast-mode. SPI, however, does not define a top—or any—communications speed, and can be implemented at speeds of 10 Mbps or more.

How reliable is SPI?

Results: Results indicated that the SPI ProX GPS measurements showed acceptable accuracy for all movement patterns for distance (coefficient of variation [CV]=0.14% to 3.73%; 95% ratio limits of agreement [95% ratio LOA]=0.97 x / ÷ 1.09 to 1.00 x / ÷ 1.05) and speed (CV=4.22% to 9.52%; 95%LOA=-0.17 ± 1.70 km h-1 to …

What is the main advantage of I2C over SPI and UART?

It allows users to integrate multiple master and slave devices – up to 128 devices on a single bus. I2C also has flow control and performs data validation, so the integrity of the data and how it was transferred is reliable. I2C is also generally faster than UART, and can reach speed of up to 3.4 MHz.

Can Arduino use SPI and I2C together?

i2c and spi aren’t just different protocols like ftp and http, you can’t mix and match them on the same wires. Put the i2c devices on one bus, connected to the i2c pins on your yun. Put the spi device on another bus connected to the spi pins.

Does SPI need pullup resistors?

You don’t have to use pull-up resistors for SPI unless you are also using these pins for I2C.