Is there a way to hide a post from Tumblr?

Is there a way to hide a post from Tumblr?

Select “Private” from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner, then click “Create Post.” Your private post will appear only to you on your blog’s dashboard, but not on the Tumblr homepage or your main Tumblr dashboard. The post will display a “Private” mark in the upper left corner to indicated the status.

How do I delete all posts on Tumblr before a certain date?


  1. On the right side of the Tumblr dashboard, click Posts underneath the name of your blog.
  2. This should bring up a link called Mass Post Editor.
  3. You’ll be presented with your posts as tiles.
  4. Paste the following code snippet in the URL bar.
  5. Click Delete selected posts.

How do you delete someone else’s post on Tumblr?

The first is to find it on the blog that it’s published on, click the “Post Options” icon, and then click “Delete”. The second is to access the mass post editor of the blog that it belongs to. Once there, you can click on the post to select it, and then click “Delete”.

Can you Archive a post on Tumblr?

To add an archive link, log into your Tumblr account and select Customize to adjust your current theme. Select “Add a Page” on the left, type “Archive” at the end of the URL and type something in the body of the page.

Can you delete Tumblr comments?

You can delete or report unwanted replies right from your post’s notes. You can write replies up to 475 characters in length. You can’t reply from a blog public URL, you have to be on the dashboard or in one the mobile apps for that.

How do you delete a comment on Tumblr 2021?

Step 1: Place your cursor over the offending reply, and then click the Ellipsis icon — the three dots — that shows up. Step 2: Click Delete Reply on the context menu.

How do you use archive on Tumblr?

Click the “Appearance” tab, and then click the check box next to “Show Archive Button” if the theme supports this feature. The changes are automatically visible on the preview shown on the right of the screen.

How do you hide your archive on Tumblr?

How to Hide Links on Tumblr

  1. Click “Customize Appearance.” Video of the Day.
  2. Press “Ctrl” plus “F” to search for the link in the theme’s code. For example, type “archive” to find the link to your blog’s archive.
  3. Add “{visibility:hidden;}” in the. tag for the link to hide the link.

How do you reblog a reply on Tumblr?

If you’re on someone’s Tumblr page, click the “Notes” bar and above or below a post and then click the “Reblog” button that appears near the top right corner of the screen.

Does Tumblr still have archive?

Now, that you are on their profile, you will see the ‘Archive’ button on under the display picture of their profile. Simply, tap on the ‘Archive’ button and it will take you to the archived posts of that tumblr account holder.

How do you view a deactivated post on Tumblr?

How To View Deactivated Tumblr Posts (5 Ways)

  1. Use The Cached Version Of The App. Many users have reported that they’ve managed to get back some deleted posts, although it’s not a guaranteed option.
  2. Use Web Archive. The most commonly used tool to get back any web content is the Internet Archive.
  3. Queue+
  4. Feedly.
  5. Tumblr Backup.