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What did Napoleon do when he was in charge of France?

What did Napoleon do when he was in charge of France?

What did Napoleon accomplish? Napoleon served as first consul of France from 1799 to 1804. In that time, Napoleon reformed the French educational system, developed a civil code (the Napoleonic Code), and negotiated the Concordat of 1801. He also initiated the Napoleonic Wars (c.

When was Napoleon given the army of the interior?

But beginning in October 1795 — 13 Vendemiaire — Napoleon successfully quelled a revolt against the revolutionary government. The new government, the Directory, promoted him to commander of the Army of the Interior in 1796.

How did Napoleon change the French bureaucracy?

Within three years of coming to power, Bonaparte completely reorganized France. He set in place a strong, centralized government with a tightly structured bureaucracy. He built new parks, bridges and quays along the Seine, as well as canals, reservoirs, and roads.

How did Napoleon affect the French Revolution?

He launched a series of committees, which over several years saw the creation of the Civil Code of the French People. This code clarified the laws of the French Revolution, and was better known as the Napoleonic Code.

How did Napoleon destroy the ideals of the French Revolution?

When Napoleon took over France and became emperor, he not only had effectively destroyed the French revolution, by turning it into everything it was opposed to, an absolutist regime, but what’s more, Napoleon smothered the forces of emancipation awakened by the French and American revolutions all over Europe and …

How big was Napoleon’s army of the interior?

Arriving at his headquarters in Nice, Bonaparte found that his army, which on paper consisted of 43,000 men, numbered scarcely 30,000 ill-fed, ill-paid, and ill-equipped men.

What are some of the initial changes that Napoleon makes once he is in charge of the government?

Napoleon had a powerful intellect and worked at a feverish pace. Starting in 1800 he reformed the chaotic Financial system by borrowing money to deal with short term expenses and creating a tax system that indirectly favored the elite. He also hired tax collectors to insure that the taxes made it to the Government.

How did Napoleon change society?

What were Napoleon’s accomplishments? He revolutionized military organization and training; sponsored the Napoleonic Code, the prototype of later civil-law codes; reorganized education; and established the long-lived Concordat with the papacy.