Where are interview locations for Global Entry?

Where are interview locations for Global Entry?

Fort Pierce (Treasure Coast Intl.

  • Ft Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale Global Entry Enrollment Center)
  • Miami (Miami International Global Entry EC)
  • Orlando (Orlando Global Entry Enrollment Center)
  • Riviera Beach (West Palm Beach Enrollment Center)
  • Sanford (Sanford Global Entry Enrollment Center)
  • Tampa (Tampa Enrollment Center)
  • Where are the Global Entry interview locations in California?


    San Francisco International Airport (SFO) International Arrival Level San Francisco, CA 94128 Contact Information: (650) 837-2809
    San Diego International Airport (SAN) Terminal 2 East 3707 N. Harbor Drive San Diego, CA 9210 Contact Information: (619) 690-7600 (619) 230-8180 (ext. 258)

    Does San Jose airport have Global Entry?

    San José International Airport (SJC) has installed two Global Entry kiosks in the International Arrivals hall to help cut queues at the customs checkpoint.

    Where do I go for my Global Entry interview at JFK?

    Global Entry Interview Locations

    Global Entry Enrollment Center Locations Address
    Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) Terminal B – International Arrivals Area Newark, NJ 07114
    New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) Terminal Four, Main Lobby next to baggage reclaim Jamaica, NY 11430

    How long does it take to get an interview after Global Entry?

    From filling out the application to conditional approval to the interview and receiving your Global Entry Card in the mail, the process can take as little as a few weeks to as long as six months.

    Where is Global Entry interview at JFK?

    Once we review your application, you will be contacted to schedule an interview at one of the Global Entry Enrollment Centers….

    New York John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
    Address: Terminal Four, Main Lobby (next to baggage claim) Jamaica, NY 11430

    What do I bring to my Global Entry interview?

    You will need to bring all documents that you have used to fill out your application. This will typically be a passport, driver’s license, permanent resident card, or visa based on the program you applied for and your status in the United States.

    How do I schedule a global interview for virtual entry?

    To schedule a remote interview, eligible applicants may log into their TTP dashboard and select the “Scheduling Your Remote Interview” link. CBP recommends that applicants verify their e-mail address of record by using the “Edit Profile” link prior to scheduling a remote interview.

    Why are there no Global Entry appointments in California?

    Due to high application volume and a large backlog due to past closures, some Global Entry enrollment centers do not have open interview appointments for months and some locations show no available appointments at all.