How do I join C-card?

How do I join C-card?

To join the C-Card, all you have to do is visit an Issue Point that offers C-Card registration as well as issuing condoms: these are all listed here A trained C-Card Issuer will chat with you, and will tell you how the C-Card works. If you want to join the scheme they will sign you up.

What is C-Card training?

C-Card schemes provide an opportunity: 1. To educate young people about condoms, relationships and all aspects of sexual and reproductive health. Lots of young people will access a C-Card scheme because they are sexually active.

How do I get AC Card Lincoln?

Register Online If you are aged 16-19*, you may register via our online registration form here. Anyone aged 13-19* may also register at one of the C-Card Registration Points. This takes about 20 minutes. You will need to give your date of birth and the first part of your postcode.

What does C-card stand for?

Condom Card
C-Card stands for Condom Card. It is a free and confidential service offering condoms to young people aged 13-24, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Are C cards free?

c:card is a free condom service in Edinburgh & the Lothians You just need to go along to the closest c:card point that is appropriate for your age.

Where do C cards work?

How does the C-Card work? The C-Card allows you to get free condoms from a range of places e.g. some schools, colleges, shops, clinics and pharmacies. The card will not have any personal details on it like your name, it will only have a unique number on it.

How do C cards work?

Where can I get free condoms Lincoln?

Where to get free condoms in Lincoln

  • Lincoln-based charity Positive Health, located at 25 Newland.
  • Lindon GUM, Lindon House, 134 Dixon Street.
  • Lincoln Youth Matters, Riseholme Road – registration and distribution point for the C-Card scheme.

What age can you get free condoms?

The c-card scheme is aimed at young people between 13-24 years old who can register to get a range of free condoms, femidoms, lube, dams, information and advice.

How many times can I use my C card?

10 times
Once you have your C Card you will be able to collect free condoms for your own use from any of the participating venues. You will be able to use your C Card a maximum of 10 times.

Do Tesco Extra sell condoms?

Tesco Extra Sure Condoms are slightly thicker than regular condoms for additional reassurance and are non-spermicidally lubricated, smooth, straight sided and naturally coloured. Certified to ISO 4074. For family planning & prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).